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NOT British Honduras. But WHY Belize?

Alright, got the medical clearance all done and now the background check is underway, so I’m feeling comfortable with starting to buy things and exploring more about Belizean culture. 419 more words


Reflections on a week in the Campo

Hello, Internet,

As you read this I’m in our lovely training center in Guarambare. We come in here on the weekends to mooch the wifi, watch movies (except not cause we can’t get technology to work, whoops). 818 more words


6 Months in Moz

I am welcoming in my first six months in Mozambique with a most wonderful case of diarrhea.  A few years ago I heard the statistic that roughly 1.5 million people, most children in developing countries like Mozambique, die from diarrhea each year.  267 more words

Peace Corps Mozambique

You Did What!?

When we receive our Peace Corps invitations, we have seven days to decide whether to accept it or not. That’s a mere 168 hours to make a life-changing decision. 941 more words


Second Site Visit

The now-27 Trainees (two have “E.T.-ed,” or Early Termination, which means they went back to the States) squeezed into two vans for a day grocery shopping at the mall. 579 more words

The Village of Waiting by George Packer

If you really want to know what my experience was like, I cannot recommend this book, The Village of Waiting by George Packer, highly enough. 767 more words

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Red Headed Step Child

I got some bad news today. Apparently several years ago, Washington D.C. had requested that each Peace Corps country cut one or two of their programs “so that each post could better manage its program with reasonable resources in order to concentrate efforts on providing excellent support to Volunteers while addressing important development needs in each country.” Yeah, ok. 1,107 more words

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