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Productive conversations don't just happen; conversations do. Let's turn the natural into "super" natural(-ly productive, that is!)

“Conversations about learning take time” Evan Weinberg

Evan, I think you may have revealed the heart of why teachers balk at moving from lecture, “I-we-you, and other lessons structures that teach algorithms and tricks: leading students through this process of mathematical discussion feels very out of control, it’s hard to listen to our students struggle, and it takes patience and time.

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Do you have HMS? (it is classified as an Ataxia)

We have been working on a 5-part questionnaire to identify hypermobility. If you answer yes to at least 2 of the 5 questions then there is an 80-90% chance you are hypermobile. 522 more words


Description of Enterra Therapy or gastic pacemaker

Anne (AU) has one and has benefitted greatly.

  • Enterra Therapy may reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting for many people suffering from              gastroparesis when drugs are ineffective.
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when I have impactions

(about once ever two months), it is caused by several things, and can be helped along:

  • do not eat more than my stomach and digestive tract can process…
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Being Ataxic - a personal commentary

 Hardest to accept was not that this was fatal, but that my potential for quality of life would predictably fade, and coddling and bed rest are an enemy.  606 more words




MARY   …Rhoda, chocolate does nothing.
RHODA: No, Mary; ‘cottage cheese’ does nothing.  Chocolate does it all!
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