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Hair today, gone tomorrow

So girls lets talk about hair?!

I am one of those lucky girls that has kept a full head of thick hair but I know that some PCOS sufferers have thinning patches and to you cysters I salute you, as a girl losing hair from any kind of illness its a hard thing to swallow. 170 more words


Upping the Odds

So, back in February my d.h. got me a “gym” membership. And by gym, I mean a totally outside the box form of fitness that I might actually stick with. 176 more words


Contraception woes.

It’s getting to the point in time now where I’ll be heading off to university in a matter of months (provided I get the grades), so I’ve been thinking what the best option will be for me next year. 761 more words

Research: Clean eating without emptying your pockets!

As I mentioned before, I do not have a lot of spare cash lying around, and as soon as I hear terms like “green”, “clean eating”, “diet” or “organic” I feel my purse shrivelling into the oblivion. 1,248 more words


Too much chocolate!

Normally I am a really healthy eater and for very good reason I have IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome).  But last night the chocolate in the cupboard got the better of me and I’m the type of person who once they start, it’s impossible to stop. 508 more words


Womb Am I 

A big hello from me!

So I guess I should tell you a little about why I’m starting this. Well I have PCOS, possible Endometriosis (I will explain the possible in a later post) a dodger bladder and a yearning to understand all the why’s. 55 more words


The story so far...

We began our journey of TTC in April 2013. I had always wanted children and was very excited to start this new chapter of my life. 718 more words