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Cycle Day 1

I started my period!!  How many times in life do women celebrate that?!

Starting a period is considered day 1 of a cycle.  If the cycle happens to take and I become pregnant, this is how they determine due date.   270 more words

50 lbs after

Hi again!
This is the first time I’ve posted since the Big changes (the move, the strange relocation and adapting to it all).
Real talk: I  thought living with my grandma was going to put all stop on my progress. 417 more words


Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is something I’ve become familiar with as it relates to managing PCOS, and on the back of completing a module on Blood Sugar Regulation as part of my Nutritional Therapist program, I thought it would be good to put down what my understanding of it is. 453 more words

Feed the girl some good food before she transforms into a MONSTER!

The week has flown by – hit my first obstacle, not enough food at work. Working 12.5 hour shifts means I leave just after 6am and I’m not home again until almost 8pm at night. 455 more words


Another one in the books

I had IUI#3 a couple hours ago, and things went really well. I was so nervous that they would have a hard time with my cervix again like the last time, but all went smoothly. 475 more words


Two weeks!

Two weeks until we move and I feel like I’m no where near being ready. We have empty boxes everywhere. Three rooms we still have to pack. 80 more words


An Ovary-Sized Conflict

If you know me a medium amount, you probably know that I’ve struggled with the idea of becoming a (actual) mother.  Partly because wearing the stepmom hat before becoming a mom creates all kinds of challenges that… 938 more words