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A Doctor’s View of Patients with Chronic Disease

I really enjoyed reading this Doctor’s letter. Having dealt with my fair share of disinterested and unhelpful medical ‘professionals’ (because let’s be honest, a lot of them are anything but professional), it was interesting to read the other side of the coin from an obviously caring doctor. 7 more words

can't stop won't stop (day 20)

Today began like any other. I was excited to have reached day 20 of my whole 30 challenge. I’d been feeling a little off the last few days, and couldn’t really pin point it to anything. 466 more words

Whole30 Challenge

Hello Hello Hello

I have arrived at this point in my life that I feel that maybe, just maybe, my story thus far could help someone.   I am by no means Hemingway or Austen but these are my words and accounts of things so far.   1,051 more words


I'm Just Angry

Sadness has been the overarching emotion for the last three years. Sadness, tears, and just desperation.

But lately, I’m angry. I’m angry at the unfairness of it all. 143 more words

Days 38 and 39

Short and simple…having a blast with my bestie!! Yesterday, kept my food calories in check, which I was proud of…alcohol, on the other hand…..yeah it was bad LOL! 209 more words


Not Another Joke

April 1st is on the way and everyone loves a good April Fool prank. However, a pregnancy prank posted on social media is not funny. It’s hurtful for all the families who have had a miscarriage, for the families who have lost a baby, for the families who can only dream about having that little frustrating bundle of joy. 253 more words


I'm Ugly

I’m not fishing for complements! That’s not the point of this post. I was having a conversation with my mom this morning about how we were treated as the ugly ducklings in the family. 545 more words