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Cycle Day 43

So–big change today.  I quit spotting altogether!  The whole day, spot-free.  After 13 days of some form of bleeding or spotting, I am very grateful.  I am also super excited because this combined with the awesome blood work means things are looking much better than they did last week! 143 more words

Try These Procedures - To assist with unblocking your tubes

Caster Oil Packs

As far as the doctors are concerned the only way to check if you have something blocking your tubes is a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Test… basically its and Xray they take after injecting a type of dye into your tubes to see if it traverses the length of them… I figure it cant help to make sure that there is no blockage and every system working optimally is always a good thing :-) 273 more words

Fellopian Tubes

Keeping Up

If you’re like me at all, you know what it’s like to have a constant long mental list of things to do in your head.  Along with that mental list, there are also numerous sticky notes hanging around the house that seem to remind me more of my disdain for sticky notes than the actual reminders on the note.   497 more words

The day I almost quit my weight loss journey

This was a really tough week for me. I almost called it quits.

I started the week off fine. I had my food prep done, my schedule laid out of work & activities in order to know when I needed to carry some extra apples or if I needed to pack my go to favorite for when I’m in between meals & don’t want to blow it- the pre made pea protein shake from… 1,104 more words


Cycle Day 42

It’s day 42 and we’re not out of the game yet, folks!

Believe me, I know how crazy and dramatic this is getting, but I did not get the methotrexate shot today.   504 more words

Shine on you, crazy diamond.

Listening to a favourite of my mum and dad; a favourite of my own – pink floyd. Such a relaxing piece of music. It gets me so calm and feeling so good about life. 653 more words


Déjà vu

I feel like I was just here. I just did an IVF cycle resulting in a beautiful fresh transfer. And then 14 days past egg collection I pee on a FRER and get that one damn line and snow white not even a hint of a line BFN. 468 more words