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Visit To PCF In Tondo

Before going to the Philippines; I had been in touch with PCF, getting to know some staff and going to their events. I wrote about some of the events that I went to on my blog so you can read them… 439 more words


PCF: The Result of the HDP Reopens the Way of the Hope in Turkey

The deleterious climate and the outburst of violence orchestrated by president Erdogan, his party AKP and hard right, couldn’t triumph over powerful popular movement which was expressed Sunday, June 7 at the time of the Turkish legislative elections. 526 more words


Turkish Elections: PCF supports HDP candidates and Selahattin Demirtaş

On June 7th, parliamentary elections will take place in Turkey. President Erdoğan wants to take advantage of them to reinforce his authoritarianism, to increase the infringements upon freedoms, secularity, and women’s rights, and to accentuate his policy of social regression. 232 more words


The Marxism of Roland Barthes

Here are a number of books I’ve found across the web by the French semiologist and literary critic Roland Barthes, all of them downloadable as PDFs: 4,121 more words


Don't go changing to try and please me.

Philadelphia Arts Advocacy Day probably sounds like something involving tall skinny women wearing all black and chunky jewelry sipping chardonnay and complaining about the callouses they have on their check-writing hand. 958 more words

Projects By Lindsay

Perfil del Pendejo Común Frustrado (PCF)

En una de mis entradas utilice el término Pendejo Común Frustrado (PCF) -traducción libre de Average Frustrated Chump- empleado en la “manosphere” en inglés para describir a un cierto tipo de hombre. 895 more words


PCF on the departmental elections

Statemrnt by Pierre Laurent

The first round of departmental elections, despite a participation rate that was 6.5 points higher than in 2011, was largely boycotted by voters, with 48.5% abstaining. 1,023 more words