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DDR til you Die

I was going to write this article back in December when I actually played Crypt of the Necrodancer, but then I got distracted with playing  892 more words


Viewbotting on Twitch.tv Controversy

A recent post on reddit recently brought evidence to people’s attention that a popular Starcraft 2 streamer, WinterStarcraft, aka wintergaming on twitch.tv, is guilty of using view bots on his stream. 650 more words


DLC Practices in the Gaming Industry

DLC has provoked debate in the gaming industry for a number of years now. Recently it seems that more and more people are getting involved and making their voices heard on the matter. 529 more words


What I Have Been Playing -Feb/March 2015

Sorry about the lack of posts here lately – between working two jobs, one my arcade business and a 3rd sorta-job with the Arcade Heroes… 790 more words

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Initial Thoughts On Asteroids: Outpost

I meant to comment on this the other day but was sidetracked. So you might have heard about this already:

Asteroids: Outpost is an open world survival sandbox… 618 more words


A look at Star Command Galaxies Alpha 2 Build.

Alpha Build 2: A Day In The Life
If you’ve ever heard of the original Star Command that was available on tablets then Star Command Galaxies is exactly what the original game intended to be, due to the lack of man power the team faced Star command had to cut down several assets they promised in the final release of the game, but there’s good news for those who enjoyed the original or even new comers will be surprised with what’s going to be on offer during the final build of Star Command Galaxies. 295 more words


Catching Up With Minimum Ver 1.3

A while back I talked about a game that I have not read a ton of coverage about in the wide media, a MOBA-style shooter game by Human Head Studios and Atari Inc. 885 more words

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