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Don’t act like you don’t know
Know what I came for
Too late to turn back
This is the payback

You take one, I take one…

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True Story

So, a friend recently got stood up on a date. The story sounds a little unbelievable, but I assure you every single word of it is true. 284 more words



Received this from a friend, had everyone rolling on the floor and just too funny not to share.

A little payback for all who have been victimized.

Revenge of Pie

Karma is coming for you bitch

just so zambalouked - a tale of payback

absolutely zambalouked – that’s it – zambalouked; there’s no other word for it, it’s indescribable without its forbears, and the whole interminable history of signs and symbols encountered en route. 222 more words


Up Days and Down Days

I’m supposed to be resting more now that I’m not working so much, but it seems I can’t help but fill my time up with things to do. 369 more words

It's My Party

It is so important to you to dance at every party you forget which parties are really important.

I’ve learned where I stand with you and from now on there are lots of parties I will not invite you too.