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Paxman: "Expansion of the university sector has destroyed its status"

The Financial Times brings us an excellent example of the classic More Means Worse argument today.  Jeremy Paxman writes a column that manages to tick all the boxes. 417 more words

11th May - On This Day In History


1950 Jeremy Paxman (British broadcaster)


John D Rockerfeller Jr (philanthropist)

On This Day:

1960 The formation of Monty Python

Have a good Monday, 11th May!


Land and Freedom

A Daliesque landscape. A sandy beach, edged with rocky outcrops. On the sand, an elongated table, like a giant piece of driftwood. 

Sat at the table, Jeremy Paxman interviews a fat old Tory man in a pin stripe suit. 117 more words


Red Ed vs The Bullingdon Bully Boy

The election debate is – an argument. Two differing points of view on how the country should be run with numerous specifics thrown in. Then add in the view of the minor parties just to confuse the issue. 625 more words


Milibounce - Ed thrives under Paxman pressure

After all the bluff and bluster, this was the start of the election campaign proper. Expectations were low, given the format. David Cameron had refused to debate head to head with Ed Miliband so we had this rather convoluted way of going about things. 820 more words


Political Hurly-Burley

The duel between David and Ed/
Was not a debate head to head/
Just Paxman all surly/
With sniping from Burley/
And audience questions instead./// 37 more words