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Snap View: #BattleForNumber10

I spent this morning sitting down and watching #BattleForNumber10 (because hashtags are so in this season). The joy of not having a TV is being unable to watch things live so instead of joining in the conversation yesterday evening I woke up today, cooked up some pasta, got some work out of the way, then sat down and watched it with a cup of tea. 542 more words


Cameron & Milliband vs Paxman

Paxman returned from the dead this evening, without the loss of his controversial interviewing style. His pushing questions, some of which leaving the audience gasping for air, challenged each of the party leaders, resulting in a both informative and entertaining piece of television. 212 more words

The Battle for Number 10: a Clash of the Titans (sort of)

Offbeat Editor Tony Diver reviews the night in politics, as the leaders take to the first of the televised election specials

Like gun-slingers gearing up for a race to their triggers, the leaders’ speeches have focussed on the Channel 4 Battle for Number 10 for weeks. 1,049 more words


Answering Questions

Paxman:”Did you borrow too much?”, “Did you spend too much?”

Miliband won’t say “yes” or “no”.

Is this indecisiveness, an unwillingness to answer a question, dishonesty, or frustration with questions being asked in a simplistic way? 132 more words

Selected Posts

The Granada 500

Tonight’s Cameron & Miliband Live: The Battle For Number 10 – its participants speaking with Jeremy Paxman and Kay Burley but, crucially, not with each other – is reminiscent of… 277 more words


Currently Watching: University Challenge S44E32 Durham University vs Trinity College, Cambridge

It was another episode of University Challenge last night. And it seems someone has put salt in Paxman’s coffee earlier in the morning. He looked and sounded so grumpy. 285 more words


Don't Vote. You're an Idiot

According to the election turnout results on the UK politics website, in 2010, 44% of 18-24 year olds voted.

  I’ve had enough of hearing from the majority of young people that they are not voting in the up and coming elections in May. 505 more words