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Red Ed vs The Bullingdon Bully Boy

The election debate is – an argument. Two differing points of view on how the country should be run with numerous specifics thrown in. Then add in the view of the minor parties just to confuse the issue. 625 more words


Milibounce - Ed thrives under Paxman pressure

After all the bluff and bluster, this was the start of the election campaign proper. Expectations were low, given the format. David Cameron had refused to debate head to head with Ed Miliband so we had this rather convoluted way of going about things. 820 more words


Political Hurly-Burley

The duel between David and Ed/
Was not a debate head to head/
Just Paxman all surly/
With sniping from Burley/
And audience questions instead./// 37 more words

'Revolution' - It's Big But It's Not Easy (Chapter 9)

Even when re-reading this chapter I’m struggling to see the point of it. Is this chapter simply a deleted scene from My Booky Wook 4? I think it’s Brand’s attempt to silence critics who attack him for lecturing to the poor and hopeless from an ivory tower. 464 more words

Book Walkthrough

GE2015 minus 41: so many questions, so few answers...

So, last night we had the first leaders’ debates, interviews, question and answer sessions, event. I’m not sure if I can quite communicate my contempt for what actually ensued with the paltry vocabulary I own. 1,222 more words


Snap View: #BattleForNumber10

I spent this morning sitting down and watching #BattleForNumber10 (because hashtags are so in this season). The joy of not having a TV is being unable to watch things live so instead of joining in the conversation yesterday evening I woke up today, cooked up some pasta, got some work out of the way, then sat down and watched it with a cup of tea. 542 more words

UK Elections

Cameron & Milliband vs Paxman

Paxman returned from the dead this evening, without the loss of his controversial interviewing style. His pushing questions, some of which leaving the audience gasping for air, challenged each of the party leaders, resulting in a both informative and entertaining piece of television. 212 more words