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The Ballroom Thieves with Tall Heights and the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra

Friday, April 24, 2015

Empire, Portland, Maine

*I think nearly seven weeks to process the strange events of this night is long enough. I wrote the bulk of this post just days after the show, but was so weirded out by the behavior of a woman in the crowd that I lost focus and never went back to finish the article. 1,108 more words

Check Your Calendar

In most businesses there are two kinds of activity, “Minding” i.e. looking after the work you have, your business, and your existing clients or customers and “Finding”i.e. 733 more words

Don’t look at the Hammer, look at the Nail

When I was a lad my father taught me something which has saved me no end of blackened thumbs. Whilst building a billy cart or something similar that an eight year old might be doing he told me “don’t look at the hammer son, look at the nail” 433 more words


As we pass from one administration to another, it is helpful to take stock of what we’ve accomplished and determine, “did we get our money’s worth?” 295 more words

NC Politics

Beware being the problem solver

I have spent the better part of 40 years solving other people’s problems, it’s in my DNA. In the first part of it, the problems were most likely with the Tax Office or ASIC (probably the Corporate Affairs Commission back then). 761 more words

A passion for portraits...

Hello once again, we return with our ever passion for painting people! With a look this time at one of our favourite artist who uses the traditional canvas to create his inspiring work, Paul Wright. 598 more words

Nation's Largest Private Prison Firm Objects to Resolution to Fund Rehabilitative Programs


I love the term “activist-shareholder.” I envision a person wearing protest t-shirts at the AGM, or the organisation of a silent bloc that suddenly bursts into action and derails the agenda of a meeting. 811 more words

Activist Art