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Beware being the problem solver

I have spent the better part of 40 years solving other people’s problems, it’s in my DNA. In the first part of it, the problems were most likely with the Tax Office or ASIC (probably the Corporate Affairs Commission back then). 761 more words

A passion for portraits...

Hello once again, we return with our ever passion for painting people! With a look this time at one of our favourite artist who uses the traditional canvas to create his inspiring work, Paul Wright. 598 more words

Nation's Largest Private Prison Firm Objects to Resolution to Fund Rehabilitative Programs


I love the term “activist-shareholder.” I envision a person wearing protest t-shirts at the AGM, or the organisation of a silent bloc that suddenly bursts into action and derails the agenda of a meeting. 811 more words

Activist Art

Carbon Leaf with Tall Heights

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Port City Music Hall, Portland, Maine

What a fun night! I held baby Isabelle for a while after school, and then picked up Megan for an adventurous evening celebrating our Friendiversary! 880 more words

Listen: 'Stay Negative' HIV Prevention Campaign in Paris

This podcast, produced for World Radio Paris by Paul Wright (@OutUrbanArtsBoy on Twitter) for the #urbanstates podcast, takes a look at HIV awareness and prevention, with a focus on Paris and France in general. 113 more words


Paul Wright’s Basketball Lessons: Perfect Form, Teamwork and Fun

By Niki Fritz

There are a lot of people in the department who like sports; those who play sports, those who research sports, those who participate in fantasy sports, those who research fantasy sports, those who just really like to tailgate. 864 more words

Hobbies & Interests

Clinic Marketing - No such thing as new patient tap, clinic water pump insight.

One of our IDD Therapy Spine Centres called today to ask us to arrange for some new adverts in his local paper to promote the clinic. 464 more words