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Darwin: Portrait of a Genius--Paul Johnson

The first genius of this book is that it is 150 pages long, the perfect length for a short read today (if you are a reader) or a do-able read today (if you are not a reader).   956 more words

Star Wars Saturday: An Awesome 80's Anime-Style Fan Film

The newly release fan short “Star Wars: Tie Fighter” is a joy to watch. It exhibits a clear affection and devotion to Star Wars while giving it a completely new style. 105 more words


The work of Paul Johnson

Galactic Empire.

There are some fans who liked the awesome might of the Imperials in the Star Wars original trilogy even against the rebels and their superman jedi. 462 more words

Matt White

Watch This Amazing Tie Fighter Star Wars Short Film

From the YouTube channel OtaKing77077 or Paul Johnson, comes a great animated short film called Tie Fighter.  The film features an elite squadron of Tie fighter pilots as they wage a battle against the Rebels.   198 more words

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Midweek Timewaster: Paul Johnson's Animated TIE Fighter Short

This fan-made TIE Fighter themed animated short is just the type of ’80s-anime-styled creation that gets my blood pumping. Created by Paul “OtaKing” Johnson, the short is a fantastically well created piece of work that took him four years to make on the free weekends that he had. 11 more words

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This TIE Fighter Fan-Film Makes You Root for the Empire

Never, ever, in my Star Wars fandom did I think i would root this hard for the Empire to succeed. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Vader and his crew, but this is the first time I was actively pushing for the TIE Fighters to destroy the Rebel scum, and here’s why. 258 more words

TIE Fighter - short film

Now THIS is what I was expecting when it was announced the new Star Wars TV series…but we got what we got….but this Fan Tribute to Star Wars (let´s hope that he don´t get all the crappy shit from the owners like the Power Rangers fan film) this beauty thing was made by  107 more words