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Welcome to Our Prayer Blog!

There is a worldwide community of people who follow The Miracles Of Jesus, and everyone needs prayers!

We get so many requests for prayers that it seemed like a good idea to open a prayer blog. 55 more words

Patty Thomas

Breaking News - Answered Prayers

God Answers prayers. Never doubt that your prayers are being heard. Surrounding the Netanyahu speech and the talks with iran, this is one of the Scriptures I use.  108 more words

Patty Thomas

Celebrate Tonight!

Tonight begins the Feast of Purim, which our Jewish Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Would Have Celebrated on earth.  It’s about the courage and audacity of a young woman named Esther, who went before the King as he held court.  610 more words

Patty Thomas

21st Century Sexual Slavery....Join our Prayer Movement

“Like” this movement on Facebook: SUPER BOWL PRAYER PARTY

Together, our prayers can help rescue those who have been sold into sexual slavery here in the US, and across the world. 14 more words

Human Trafficking

Prayers That Are Witchcraft

Nearly every day, I receive multiple requests for assistance from pastors and individuals across the world. God Knows what their needs are, and He Knows my ability to meet those needs.  1,402 more words

Patty Thomas

Christianity To Be "Overhauled!"

I will not judge this man or his actions, but I will say this: we going to see a complete upheaval in the pastorate as The Lord Removes those who are 1) violent, 2) fleecing the flock, 3) teachers of falsity, 4) masons, 5) false prophets, 6) aligning with Chrislam and the pope, 7) in fornication/adultery 8) homosexual, 9) glorifying themselves, 10) filled with pride, 11) not supporting and praying for Israel, 12) allowing satanic practices in My Father’s House Of Prayer, such as yoga, and more. 387 more words

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Please share and help spread the word!

We’re trying to get people in across the world in all 24 time zones to participate in this year’s 5th “Waves Of Praise” on Christmas Day at 3pm.  188 more words

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