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Dungeon Prompt - Patterns

Patterns are a part of life, including mine. If I were to state the most obvious pattern that I’ve seen in my life, it is in my expectations about an upcoming holiday. 245 more words

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fourth of july

Happy Fourth of July! We’re having fun in Bend. Heading to a pet parade.

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Scientists, N.C. officials look for patterns after multiple shark attacks | StarNewsOnline.com

This is becoming another Summer of the Shark. The last one was in 2001, when a series of shark attacks on the East Coast combined with a period of generally slow news to whip up a spasm of shark mania.

Tinga Tinga Tales, making patterns and learning songs!

Hola Chameleons,

Well done for another week of learning. This week has been quite hard as it has been sooooo hot that it has been very hard to concentrate and remember how to make all our good choices when really we just wanted to dive into buckets of water! 542 more words


Fibonacci Sequence & a Cool Pattern


The Fibonacci sequence adds consecutive terms:


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This is a simple algebraic proof of a certain pattern of Fibonacci triples that I have posted a few days ago. Note; Comments are turned off here. Please visit the original post.