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Oh My! What A Flattering Waistband

I couldn’t find any good brown fabric at JoAnn’s (and I have a gift card, so I wasn’t going to look anywhere else until it’s all used up!) but I did find these amazing fabrics instead: 337 more words



After a few weeks of carefully picking my best designs from my sketchbook and the most suitable fabric for my collection I was finally ready to start patterning my collection today. 138 more words


Light Cube: Salad Tray Sorting

Sorting interesting items in a see-through tray on the Light Cube is a great way to focus students on the task at hand. Instead of being distracted by a surrounding environment, each child will deliberately place the items on the sorting tray, using the glow of the Light Cube as their focal point. 147 more words

Light Cube

Crochet Apps

I take a lot of notes while I crochet, but they’re not always in order or complete. A lot of times I am just making hash marks for the numbers of rows and stitch counts. 305 more words


Parallel Stories - Collage Mood - 1

collateral existential debris

accidentally collected by the sieve of subconscious patterning

human, yet nameless,

jazz constructions of the abstractization we call “time”.


Research help!

I was wondering if any of you lovely bloggers out there would like to help me out simply with a little comment below? My collection has a colour palette of black white and grey, I’m still undecided on a highlight colour.. 23 more words

Sketchbook update 📓✏️

I feel like I haven’t wrote in ages I’ve been so busy designing so I thought I’d show you guys some stuff. Mostly some unisex trouser/skirt combinations and oversized coat ideas ✂️✂️✂️