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Seattle Seahawks Cover 3 Pattern Matching: 3 Buzz Mable

3 Buzz Mable is a Cover 3 pattern matching scheme that defenses will use to combat 3×1 formations.

Mable stands for man. The back side corner to the single receiver side will play #1 man to man. 397 more words



Sick of your man wearing plain coloured shirts & ties to work and functions? Leave this blog open on your mac, i-pad or i-phone and we guarantee he will be perfectly matching patterns and colours in no time. x

Ultimate Fashion Hollywood

Sewing season is here again. With a fortnight’s holiday, Easter is always the time when my thoughts turn to making new clothes for myself. I am going to a wedding next month and have had a piece of fabric and a pattern earmarked for the occasion for sometime, and am pleased to report that my new dress is complete. 430 more words


grep Vs sed Vs awk: what a proficient/advanced Linux Shell User should know

How many times have we used grep to narrow our searches on a Linux FS (File System)? Well, this is a good question since almost everyone (intended as Linux average User) knows grep and its basic features set. 740 more words


Clare's Colette Hazel Dress...

Colette Patterns are so popular here at the studio and I love to use them when teaching, the instructions are so clear and the sizing is great … they are quite easy to grade to your own size and fit. 171 more words

The Sewing Parlour

E-mail to S—


Got too close to the publishing side again. That edge draws out the immediate and at that immediate, the end. I sit there to type an e-mail thinking— 738 more words

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