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grep Vs sed Vs awk: what a proficient/advanced Linux Shell User should know

How many times have we used grep to narrow our searches on a Linux FS (File System)? Well, this is a good question since almost everyone (intended as Linux average User) knows grep and its basic features set. 740 more words


Clare's Colette Hazel Dress...

Colette Patterns are so popular here at the studio and I love to use them when teaching, the instructions are so clear and the sizing is great … they are quite easy to grade to your own size and fit. 171 more words

The Sewing Parlour

E-mail to S—


Got too close to the publishing side again. That edge draws out the immediate and at that immediate, the end. I sit there to type an e-mail thinking— 738 more words

The Writing Life

Trie Trees

Hello people…! In this post I will talk about an amazing data structure, the Trie Tree. Trie Trees are are used to search for all occurrences of a word in a given text very quickly. 2,711 more words

Data Structures

New Look 6262 in African Wax Print

This dress was inspired by all the Christine Hayes Emery Dresses I’ve been following online. But my when my regular online pattern retailers were all out I just couldn’t wait so I picked up… 270 more words


jspm - Pattern matching in JS

N.B.: this project is still under heavy development

I got fascinated by pattern matching in OCaml during a FOCS (Foundations of Computer Science) at uni. I started thinking about porting these capabilities into Javascript. 68 more words


Rosalind in F# - Counting DNA Nucleotides

The first problem in the Bioinformatics Stronghold section, Counting DNA Nucleotides introduces you to several concepts that are fundamental in both programming and  bioinformatics. The problem itself is not overly difficult, most of the challenge from it will be in learning how to use your programming language of choice. 1,374 more words