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Smooth Transitions: Teresa of Avila’s Focus on Prayer

By Thomas Palanza, Jr.

Have you ever heard about people who give birth to babies in bathtubs – on purpose?  What’s up with that?  The American Pregnancy Association… 621 more words


I'm a Doctor !

By Matt Keppel

“Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor!” It’s quick, simple, and absolutely classic. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch some Star Trek with the original cast – yeah, I know there’s names for these things, but I’m not going to bely my utter nerdiness… yet. 343 more words

Parish Life

Things Medievals Say: Hope in the Cross

From the reading of Javier Soegaard:

Now is there hope of life for me, that I am permitted to seek the tree of triumph…For it my heart’s desire is great, and my hope of protection is directed to the Cross.   123 more words


God is Love - Which Means?

By Tom Palanza, Jr.

It’s such a familiar phrase, isn’t it: “God is love.”  I hardly ever seriously think about what it means anymore.  “It means God is love,” I say to myself, as if – … 916 more words

Patristic Voices

"The Old that is Strong does not Wither..." Wisdom from Ignatius of Antioch

By Tom Palanza, Jr.

Perhaps I seemed critical of the “Francis Movement” in my recent post?  I was, in fact, trying to look at it through a critical lens, but I do think that Francis is doing things well.  671 more words

Pope Francis

Praying like a Professional: Meeting the Carmelites Carmelites

By Thomas Palanza, Jr.

You really don’t hear much about the Carmelites, do you?  Not like Franciscans – who doesn’t know at least one person who goes around in Birkenstocks and a brown gown?  1,133 more words


Augustine and Francis on being a Shepherd

By Tom Palanza, Jr.

Priest Matt’s last post and article about shepherd imagery and its influence on the priesthood brought to mind a passage from the Office of Readings from last Monday and a quote from Pope Francis.  860 more words

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