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A great gift from a friend, and a good cause!

This past Sunday I was invited to join some friends of mine for a get together at their home. When I arrived I was approached by the one hosting the get together, a great-hearted friend who presented me with the item shown in the picture below: 461 more words


Break the sticks and throw away the stones

How many of you consider themselves patriots, believing in all the past decisions of their countries? How many of you are proud and outspoken when it comes to your heritage and the history of your people, to the point of bragging? 1,002 more words

Philosophical Monologue

The Pledge Of Allegiance Debate

The Pledge of Allegiance has been a source of controversy and debate since Congress adopted it as part of the National Flag Code in 1942. A recent incident in the state where I live (see link below) brought this issue to my attention and prompted me to think a bit more critically about the two opposing sides in this debate, “who” they are, and why they are taking their respective positions. 896 more words


Four white feathers

One of the characters in my book is a conscientious objector, or “Conchie” as they were called by a scornful public. We have all heard about the groups of middle-class women who harried menfolk in civvies after the start of WW1, handing them a white feather. 168 more words


"Postmodern Citizenship," By David Conway

The collapse of the Soviet Union transformed the political landscape of the West no less profoundly than it did that east of the former Iron Curtain. 2,621 more words

Essays And Reviews

Patriotism: Chico State, #America, and the 209

In The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis speaks of patriotism as first and foremost a “love of home, of the place we grew up in or the places, perhaps many, which have been our homes; and of all places fairly near these and fairly like them; love of old acquaintances, of familiar sights, sounds and smells.” 810 more words

Here is the letter - I just wrote - to my blog company's "support" page

I have had a plug-in for over two weeks that I believe would help me attract more viewers to my wordpress.com blog. I also bought another plug-in last night and neither of them function. 393 more words