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What Being an American Means to Me.

Sometimes I feel like I am alone and I wonder if there are people out there like me.  What I mean is that I feel so disconnected from from our current cultural, political and philosophic ideas of what it means to be an American.   653 more words

Perception and illusion

There was a man born in Yen but grew up in Ch’u, and in old age returned to his native country. While he was passing through the state of Chin his companions played a joke on him. 139 more words

Chinese Philosophy

30 May 2015. Translated Russian Demot... NATO Rooster and the Russian Bear


Why do I think that Russians aren’t scared of the American bluster and braggadocio? They’re sayin’, “Come on down! Wanna rumble? Rumble with someone your own size for a change! 67 more words


The Philippines should look to Great Britain’s example of devolution

In the Philippines, the issue of the BBL or the Bangsamoro Basic Law is currently, at the time of this writing, driving political debate. Some are in favour of the creation of a Bangsamoro Government and some are not. 586 more words


Liberty Is God's Gift to America

God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to … defend it.

William Perry (1927-2004), former Secretary of Defense


Chris Pratt Teaches His Son Pledge of Allegiance

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More death

Further to my thoughts on death in the modern, developed world:

Bizarrely, the sudden, violent death that people do see isolates them even more from real death: 344 more words