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Yet, Another ACA DEAdline Extension

Written by Ted A. Kirchharr on Wednesday February 25,2015

It may not come as a big surprise to learn that there is another delay in a provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 286 more words

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Democrats Run Away from Obamacare Penalty They Imposed

Democrats don’t like to call the Obamacare penalty a penalty; its official name is the Shared Responsibility Payment. But the fact is, the lawmakers’ intent in levying the fines was to make it so painful for the average American to ignore Obamacare that he or she will ultimately knuckle under and do as instructed. 582 more words
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'Financial advice from that guy?' Obama's investment warning found bereft of self-awareness

President Obama is delivering a speech about retirement investing today:

At @AARP, Pres Obama says "too few Americans at or near retirmenent have saved enough to have peace of mind." …

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'This can't miss’: HHS explanation of O-care tax screwup guaranteed to crank the confusion up a notch

@exjon @JimmyPrinceton The government is ninja-skilled in the art of confusion w/out even trying. I got tired-head by the third sentence.

— AW (@AdoubleU17) February 20, 2015…

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Blogging the ACA

When I had my first colonoscopy there was no President Obama, no Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, I hadn’t begun blogging, and I was on my employer’s health insurance plan. 334 more words

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