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'Grubered again’: Exploding Obamacare overhead costs fail to surprise

We’ve learned over the years that the word “affordable” must have been used in the “Affordable Care Act” in the most ironic way possible, and those examples keep on coming: 204 more words

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Cost of Medical Care

The high cost of medical care in the U.S. has long been seen as a substantial barrier to improved population health. Despite the emphasis placed on medical care, public health research suggests that it is not the primary determinant of health.However, access to quality medical care in critical for supporting a healthy population and providing a safety net when preventative methods fail. 416 more words

'Pathetic’: AP runs cover for Dems scrambling to repair 'deceptive' Obamacare

Obamacare is working! That’s what Democrats and their media parrots keep saying. Except that it isn’t, and the same people who rammed through the law want to “fix” it: 456 more words

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The Rubber Meets the Road with Obamacare

By Bob Creamer, CPA

Five years ago, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in to law. It was designed to provide access to health insurance across the full socioeconomic spectrum regardless of medical history. 974 more words


Eight Ways Obamacare Helps You and the 2015 Update to #ACA

2015 Update to #ACA

1)16.4 Million now have #ACA

2) The uninsured has declined over the last 4-5 years by 35%

3) 14.1 Million that have #ACA are Adults… 100 more words

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U.S. Emergency-Room Visits Keep Climbing

Unintended consequences are the most overlooked factor in setting policy and enacting laws. Sometimes you think you are fixing a problem but fail to address all the elements. 381 more words


The DNA MAFIA: Chemtails, GMO's, Vaccines, Bio-engineering


Chemtrails hardly get any more blatant than this.

Climate scientist at CERN explains how aerosols sprayed by jets can produce the type of drought now threatening water and food rights in California. 578 more words


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