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[Podcast] Heme #9 - Thrombophillia - when that blood loves to clot

What happens when your clotting cascade is too active? What makes them overactive? Perhaps – too many clotting factors, or too little inhibitors?

Find out with the Common Rounds. 15 more words

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A sonographic examination of the placenta revealed images of the fetal membranes falling short of the edge of the placenta. The first sonogram revealed this abnormality at 13 weeks on a routine size and date examination. 285 more words


[Podcast]Heme #7 - Hemoglobin disorders

What happens when your hemoglobin goes horribly wrong? Thalassemia and sickle cell anaemia are probably two of the most well known hemoglobinopathies.

Join the Common Rounds as we talk through what happens when those oxygen carriers become defective. 15 more words


[Podcast]Heme #6 - Hemolytic Anemias

How do you classify hemolytic anemias? What are common signs and findings in these cases? Can you explain hereditary spherocytosis, G6PD deficiency or pyruvate kinase deficiency? 29 more words

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Pathology and other surprises

Last Thursday, at last, we discovered what caused John’s death two months ago.  Another shock in a long series of traumatic events.

A kind friend, a retired GP, came with me to meet the pathologist who had carried out the post mortem, to help me understand the discussion about the definitive cause of death.  185 more words


Cytology ABCDE: A Practical ABCDE Algorithm for Cytology Diagnosis


An approach to the process of undertaking cytology diagnosis for medical students and those who operate with cytology specimens is presented. This simple mnemonic (ABCDE) can be used as a memory aid determining the order in which cells or tissue fragments should be evaluated. 196 more words


A Sweet Challenge to Help Underserved Women Get Lifesaving Health Care

For years, my pathologist colleagues and I have struggled to come up with good ideas to honor our dedicated laboratory staff during the annual celebrations of “Medical Laboratory Professional Week”. 480 more words