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Week 40 at the Royal College of Surgeons

I had a shorter day at the College this week because last Saturday I was hit in the head with a hockey ball so at the moment I’m a little prone to small headaches. 204 more words

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Ebola Test Kit Developed

Check out the latest from Michael Weilert!

The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has led to German researchers developing a fast, cheap and accurate test to be performed in patient-care settings without a centralized medical laboratory.   430 more words

Michael Weilert MD

The horrific disease that causes jaw bones to glow in the dark and rot away

The earliest matches were unsafe to manufacture and almost as dangerous to light. In 1805 a French chemist invented a self-igniting, chemical match that was a piece of wood that was treated with a mixture of potassium chlorate, sulfur, sugar, and rubber.   628 more words

Injured And Diseased Remains

Time is the longest distance between two places

Time has, yet again, completely eluded me. We have just finished week 4 of our sixth – our sixth! – semester. It feels like we’ve just started. 1,305 more words


Consequences of breeding on our dogs' health

The purpose of this article is to raise awareness amongst dog owners. When choosing a canine companion some of us look at the aesthetic aspect of the animal, its behaviour with children, its ability to guard the house… It is less common to see people look at the breeds predispositions for diseases. 373 more words


War is a pathology

War is a pathology, no doubt about it.

Author Karen Armstrong calls war a  “psychosis caused by an inability to see relationships” and she urges a universal religion of compassion. 371 more words


Next Steps in Cytotechnology

ASCP and ASC have put together a program to enable cytotechnologists to grow their skills and advance their careers. During this workshop, attendees will learn how to engage as a part of the clinical team and broaden their skill set to include fluorescent in-situ hybridization and interpretation of applied molecular tests. 17 more words