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Mbeeeee – at Warung Sate Kambing Mba Tun Wong Klaten

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Day 43: Make your own happiness

Hey there butterflies!

My happiness today came in the form of that “a-ha!” moment we seek for sometimes just to realize that we managed to make the changes we wanted to. 450 more words


Prompt for May 26: A Fine Line

Can I follow you down
Those broken yellow lines,
To a place unknown?

Can I balance between
The past and the last days
Of our life as one? 50 more words


Being in charge of your walk

The young woman I work with is just learning to use her head switches to say stop and go when we are out for a stroll. 71 more words


Grace is when you are sitting on the toilet peeing, reading the card sitting next to the sink at the house of the children that your sister is babysitting for, and having a revelation. 385 more words


The Black Book Reminders 6

Leadership transcends us to the direction of who we have the potential to be.

It is a leader’s job to create an environment that helps us grow and to unlock our greatest potential.  

80 more words

Facebook Tinkers With iPhone Design That Copies Path's Flyout Buttons

Resistance is futile when it comes to Facebook. If your feature benefits the social network’s 1.44 billion users, it doesn’t care if you built it for a smaller audience first. 557 more words


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"...On Facebook, the flyout menu could get people sharing a wider variety of content, including photos taken with the app..." - original author