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Path to enlightenment

The spider’s web was tricky and dark, confusing for souls, but the only path available to reach enlightenment. It was an overwhelming race and the final battle, so you had to be a little crazy, in order to get in. 184 more words


Book of Shadows

I spent a whole year trying to find the right kind of Book of Shadows for me. The ones that intrigued me most were the fully-expandable ones as seen… 103 more words

Blessed Be

A Change in Perspective

The view from the kitchen window in the home of my childhood included a 1400 foot hill known as Peterson Butte.  Peterson’s Butte was more than a landscape landmark; it was an ever present icon that represented friends, adventure, and family.  520 more words

Writing Classes and Bumpy Brain Maps

When I was approached about possibly teaching a class at the local Pagan store in the regards to Kemetic mythology 101, I was excited and ecstatic. 791 more words


Happiness Is A Choice Pt. 2

I guess the purpose of the last post was not so much that I quit my job, but that I’ve chosen happiness. It’s pretty cool when you realize you actually have the power to do anything. 66 more words

Short Stories

Resurrection Eyes

How often could Jesus look down at the decisions we make and the actions we take and think to Himself, “Get behind me, Satan”?  How often do we disappoint our savior?   215 more words

Hello, and welcome!


My name is Emmy Starr, and as far as being Wiccan goes, I am one year old. So happy birthday to me!

Obviously, I am pretty new to this, but over the past year, I have started to think about what it means to me to be a Wiccan. 93 more words

Blessed Be