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I’m now convinced that the U.P. (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) may be about as far as one can get from the Lower 48 and still be in the United States (sans Alaska and Hawai’i, of course) 606 more words


Sausage Hand Pies and Baked Leeks

Tonight’s recipe came to me after I had realized that I had an over abundance of food in my kitchen that needed to be used up soon. 403 more words


Cheese and Bacon 'Cornish' Pasty

Okay so it’s not officially a Cornish pasty because it doesn’t have beef in it but it’s a pasty made in Cornwall by a Cornish person so that will do! 358 more words


Vegetable Pasties

I had a family picnic coming up, so wanted to make a vegan treat that (hopefully!) everyone would enjoy. So I went for a simple vegetable pasty because they’re easy to make and even easier to eat! 350 more words



Chichester High Street and I was about to pay my regular visit to Greggs to purchase myself a pasty and a coffee when I notice this gentleman pull up a seat and commence throwing down a few crumbs for this solitary pigeon. 302 more words

The Streets

Served Up: I Think the Time Has Come to Discuss Pasties...

For those of you “non-yoopers” I will give a little background on what a pasty is; and their origins. For the record you pronounce “Pasty” like this: … 635 more words


EPISODE #16: You don't deserve to have sex with Hitler!


It’s Friday, we’re in the Verbal Discharge studio, it’s an non-descript time, we’ve also forgotten how the Saturday Night Live intro actually sounds… It’s FRIIIIDAY NON-DESCRIPT TIME LIIIIIIIIIIVE!! 113 more words