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Black&White. Pale&Dark.

Currently sitting on my couch next to my dog who’s completely losing it over the loud gunshot like fireworks outside. And I am also terrified.. to go upstairs in my house alone. 288 more words

Surprise , Surprise !

I love surprises!

They excite me so much and I’m not even talking about receiving surprises, I’m on about organising them!

At the moment I am on my way to sorting out one big surprise for the very special person in my life and I am beyond excited at the prospect of being able to deliver this surprise to him.  190 more words


Maggie Necklace/Bracelet

Magnetic pastel beads with turquoise-wear in lots of ways!

Bracelet or necklace £8



Painter after painter, since the beginning of the century, has tended toward abstraction. First, the Impressionists simplified the landscape in terms of color, and then the Fauves simplified it again by adding distortion, which, for some reason, is a characteristic of our century. 55 more words


Summer Love Design Series

Welcome back to the blog! I’ve been posting a bunch lately because I had a day off, and it’s nice to catch up on promoting some of my new designed. 156 more words

Graphic Design Related

Penny Boarding | Summer Activities

I don’t know about you, but i’m always late or in a rush to get somewhere or to meet someone. That’s where my penny board comes in- rescuing me from missing the bus or being late for a gathering. 171 more words