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I’ve grown, days, months and years have passed. I’m not the kid I used to be. Gradually I’m becoming the man I’m meant to be. I’ve seen my little share of good and bad days… 302 more words


Learning from Us and Lessons in General...

Due to recent revelations and events I think it is time for an assessment, time to think about and examine exactly what happened, why, where, what it all means, and most importantly how to learn something and never repeat. 643 more words

Was/Is/Always Will Be

Friend, sometimes I get these strange urges to dive back into the past… photos of that designer in front of her huge pizza, thoughts of that crazy blonde in the Drake Hotel, all my conversations with that Chicago freshman, and just the image of my sweet first love… 659 more words


When suddenly...

while I was trying to carefully delete unnecessary e-mails from my 998 unread messages in my inbox (yeah, I know right? Barely checking it) I stumbled across something too personal that I never thought would still exist there. 214 more words


#117 ~ Quote of the Day - YOU

You and I are the people to that which will be.

– Raymond Charles Barker – (YAI)

Your past was what you chose for yourself at that time.

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Quote Of The Day

Make a Heart

Easy there, watch out for the quicksand
That pulls you down like the memories
Of a life you have left behind,
Of hearts you have shattered, 106 more words