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Life Events, O dear..........

Yet another restless sleep last night, my mind took me to the deepest recesses of my memory and took me back in time.  

The causes of my Depression & Anxiety are varied and complex, from the very beginning when I was 16 years old to the present day.  34 more words



When I use
These (….)
It represents
The years of silence
I spent not being able
To say what I wanted to say

It represents the silent… 106 more words

Thought for Thursday #16

Christopher Columbus is reported to have said,

“You can never cross the oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

For him, this would have had very practical implications.  

46 more words
Thought For Thursday


I still remember as if it was yesterday. I was walking on a bridge corridor when you asked me where were our class. Now when I think about that it must took you a lot of courage to ask me. 131 more words


Do You live in your past?

Carrying  your past on your shoulder is reason of frustration and bad life. just remember the things that give you confidence . you can forget anything just start ignoring it and love your present , reward your self even on small success, such as you have break fast on time.And believe me now you r living a ROYAL LIFE. $$$$


Fumble with sight, words, intentions.
Stooped and drunk with power,
Realizing clipped emotion.
Figures too far to recognize
Begin the long descent down…

I didn’t nurture it, 50 more words


Back to my Future!

When I hopped on this blog train by MadPsychMum, it reminded me of Back to the Future movie.

If I could turn back the clock, bring the wheels of time to a stop, I’d go back to the days… 555 more words