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Throwback to Freshman Year of High School.

The best year of my high school life! Freshman year was the best! When me and all my friends were still fresh and all stuck together. 253 more words


Seventeenth page

All of my thoughts are shambled, but take note, they’re all linked to this one problematic individual, or individuals that won’t vanish because I want them in my life. 501 more words


The Passage Of Time

Time has done something so amazing,
Even though it feels like yesterday we both grew old and kept aging,
For you I didn’t stay who I was, 135 more words


I was in a bus driving down the highway from my middle school. I was in the second seat, up in the front of the bus, where I usually sat. 456 more words



I can’t say
my voice has been stolen.
Only frozen.

Somewhere between
the solidification
and the crystallization
was a frigid realization.

Sometimes the magic just doesn’t happen. 72 more words

The Sunshine Effect

To really explain what I’m feeling now, I have to start with a story from my past:

In college, I had my circle of real friends then we had a circle of weekend friends; these were awesome people to, but the kind of friends you love at parties and the bars. 851 more words


Regret nothing

Do not consistently regret your past mistakes. The choices you made brought you to where you are today. Instead of nagging yourself, remind yourself that the present is now. 31 more words