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A Letter to Myself

You, yes you. Stop and think for a second. Listen to my words, to your words. This is coming from the past, to talk about the present, to make you think about the future. 681 more words


A(nother) New Thing

In the past week, Echo and I have begun to work together through a nice piece of work by the pastor of our Church, Kerry Shook. 926 more words

The Ethics of Nostalgia

Similar to the ethics of regret, what occurs in nostalgia appears, initially, to be no different. A human being contemplates a particular thought (or a set of thoughts)—which occurred in the past—and enters a sentimental state of longing for it. 419 more words


Part 12

Balik na naman sa dati.

Kunting pag-alala galing sa kanya pero pagkatapos nun wala na. Hindi ko alam kung magagalit o maaawa sa sarili ko. 216 more words


Perpetuating Reality: Time is not real

Two students in my Rhet. & Comp. class claimed on Friday that time does not exist. I’m writing this now, describing a memory as an idea, and if you’re reading this now, you’re constructing these words and sentences into your own abstract ideas. 1,150 more words


No Roommate Stays the Same

By Anonymous

“Which side of the room do you want?”  Was not exactly how she asked, but it was many years ago now, so please pardon me for forgetting her exact phrasing. 1,263 more words

Dear Eighteen Year Old Me on January 18th 2012

By Hayley Lovell

The unfamiliarity has already started. You no longer recognize the cuticles of your nails. They’ve started to yellow over, like pages in your favorite copy of Jane Eyre. 1,149 more words