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Bloop Bloop Mother Fucker.

I think in a past life I was a koi, or at the very least, a fish. My soul is watery and cool. I haven’t always been this collected. 228 more words


Maybe we were trees
In our former life

Side by side
Roots deeply tangled
Branches barely touching
And when the Moon
Performed its sonata
Our leaves sang… 96 more words


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Pain purifies the soul?

There is always a belief in re-incarnation.We are often asked a question , what do we bring to this earth while being born and what do we take? 106 more words


Serial Saturday - Intervening Fate #2

This is the second installment of the struggles that Cadence faces while living with a family gift. If you missed the first installment, go see the… 1,588 more words



We recognize that from your specific individualization that you BE now in physical,
when you think of living other lifetimes, you are limiting your soul to one clump, 47 more words

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Reincarnation & Near Death Experience

This podcast will discuss the topics of Near Death Experiences and the work of Dr. Raymond Moody, past life regression and the work of Dr. Brian Weiss, as well as Reincarnation and how it helps to explain the unexplained events in our lives and the world around us. 20 more words

What Is a Past Life Reading?

Past life readings are helpful in removing blocks and explaining certain relationships or situations that you are currently experiencing. Sometimes we carry certain things with us over lifetimes. 168 more words