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Einstein's desk hours after his death.

A life crammed full of possibilities and exploration – he certainly kept busy following his passion!


Amor de Madre ( A mother's Love)

For a moment, I was thinking of a morning when my siblings and I had to gather at a table, sit together for breakfast, while Mama on the other hand, had to wait and observe patiently in one corner. 904 more words

The first small little blog...

Its 4th Apr 2014…Friday…10:30am…sun is sprinting up faster…its summer…hot and humid…im wearing sky-blue light and porous Quechua cap, Mumbai Marathon’14 half sleeve blue T-shirt, black Nike T90 running shorts, small green hand towel tucked into my running shorts, black sox, white and dusty Asics shoes, carrying a 5.5 KG black Quechua sports bag with basic necessities to survive thru the four days of running adventure journey – with one of its belt tightened around my slightly bulged up tummy, holding a 3 feet long bamboo stick with 2 nails popping out of it – which I plucked from a tree this morning thinking that holding a stick in hand would make me feel safer in this journey (which did come handy later). 587 more words


you are fleeting,




In a glance,

it will all be over.

and all that will be left

will be pieces,

and remembrances, 43 more words


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This was going to be his poem for my pocket. Like everything, this was dedicated to him. Perhaps next year...

A Certain Symmetry

Grandpa always wanted me to play
an instrument;

bought me a shiny new guitar
said I would be the life of the party
one day, 99 more words


Blended Hearts

First she dances dangerously close to the edge of reason

Beyond the point that many would go.

Then she meets her match,

He is perfect for her, in every way. 269 more words


Passion(s) -day 2

I call myself a woman of many passions… ;)

Somehow I am constructed the way,
that whatever I start doing, writing, photograpyhy, running, crochetting, knitting, cooking, baking – etc, etc – it becomes my passion… 102 more words