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The Sun and the Moon

This band is all about raw emotion. The music is painful. The lyrics are heartbreaking. Cathartic. Listen to it before reading the rest of this short, almost meaningless post. 191 more words



Hey! :)

You probably know a lot of people. Friends, family and lot more. I bet the most of them have a passion you know about. 220 more words


The Courage to simply be you

Well this is nerve-racking and liberating all at the same time! My first topic post has been sitting on my computer forever, waiting on me. I used to second-guess my inner voice and ideas to the point were it was becoming draining and poisoning. 259 more words


Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef (who works too hard)

Everyone knows that chefs work long hours. Massimo Bottura, Chef/Owner of Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy says  “ we’ve all heard it said that success is 10 percent talent and 90 percent hard work. 629 more words


Prayer of the day

O God, who willed your Son to submit for our sake to the yoke of the Cross, so that you might drive from us the power of the enemy, grant us, your servants, to attain the grace of the resurrection. 27 more words


Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef

One of the world class chefs featured in the new Netflix series Chef’s Table, premiering April 26, is Italian Massimo Bottura. Massimo Bottura is the Chef/Owner of… 613 more words


Cuộc Du Hành Vào Thế Giới Sáng Tạo (Part 1)

Tôi không hẳn là người giỏi sáng tạo, con đường đưa tôi đến với thế giới sáng tạo là những ấn tượng và sự tò mò.

328 more words