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I really can’t even believe I am writing this post…

My heart hurts every time I see someone end their life because they feel shame.  Young girls and probably boys who trust too easily and crave love and attention are caving to the peer pressure to send boobies… or more.  750 more words


Pictures Of Me Haikus ~ X

If you don’t want me

In seventeen syllables

I have lost my touch

~ kei

1 July 2015


Why Agriculture Education Instructors Are Important

For many that enroll into FFA in high school, they can’t imagine the impact one class will have on their life. An Agriculture Educator is key to success in the agriculture industry. 594 more words


Working Hard?

I’ve been meeting more people and learning how they got through school and life in general, I’ve realized I don’t work as hard as I want to.   189 more words

The Weekly Babble

Hello There ~

First things first,
Thank you for dropping by this blog, and took your time to read.

Forgive me that I’m not able to reveal my identity, it pains me as much that I have to write anonymously now. 175 more words


Some love stories can never be told...

And these were his ways of saying “good night” …

Each love story is different and yes many can be told…true true love stories though, can never be told. 19 more words

Working and Living With Passion

I was growing in a family where working known as a joyful journey.

I remember those sunny afternoon sitting in the backyard and doing accounting works with my mom. 297 more words

Management 101