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Housewarming Was Golden!

In my recent posts you might have seen that my boyfriend and i bought our first house! Now a month into it we through a housewarming party to show all our friends, family and neighbors our beautiful new home! 381 more words


snacks! (cheese & zucchini sticks)

Snacks are a part of life. They get a lot of press around the holidays, the Super Bowl, and Oscars viewing parties, but in reality the time for snacks, is always. 392 more words


Baked Mac & Cheese Rolls

 It’s a Mac & Cheese kind of day. I love a good “finger food” recipe and these are an easy crowd pleaser. As if Mac & Cheese wasn’t good enough already, lets roll it up in a crisp doughy blanket and smother it in BBQ sauce. 273 more words

Layered desserts

lifeofastudentchefQuick and easy layered dessert.
Anything can look fancy in a wine or cocktail glass.
A layer of whipped angel delight, topped with a soft vanilla sponge and chipped bananas… 120 more words


make your own ginger nut biscuits

Warning: these are as moorish as the real ginger nuts!

ginger nut biscuits

2 cups plain flour

1 cup raw caster sugar

2 tsp ground ginger… 94 more words


Fairy Bread

Whilst foreigners may scorn at the idea;

anyone who grew up in Australia will stand up willingly to defend this ultra simplistic, yet effective treat.  Like the comment above describes, Fairy Bread is litterly just a slice of bread (we’re talking the cheap, toaster worthy kind – thick fancy bread simply just won’t do) a thin spread of butter and some hundreds and thousands sprinkled over the top. 193 more words


Jelly and ice cream

One of the easiest fastest desserts to whip up has to be jelly especially the instant knd . it is great for events and partied and takes literally minutes to make. 237 more words