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Sausage rolls

It’s a Australian classic, the sausage roll. Sausage mince encased in pastry and baked. Always tomato sauce on the side. Sesame seeds on top.

It comes out at parties, the footy and from the bakery on the weekends. 515 more words


Easy, Healthy Homemade Guacamole

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Lately Hubbs has been asking for guacamole for a late night snack. Any chance I have to keep my family snacking healthy I take it! 324 more words


Honey-Balsamic Cocktail Meatballs

The first time I visited home after being diagnosed, my family’s housekeeper used quinoa to replace breadcrumbs in traditional meatballs. At first, it was kind of weird seeing the different grain in there – but the taste was the same and I loved them just as much. 191 more words


Silas Whitley | Crumbs

Used either as a neat party food or just for fun, these have a unique taste similar to both bananas and potatoes. 89 more words

Snack Time

Stuffed Baby Capsicums with Jalapeño Chilli

These are a non spicy version of a jalapeño popper.

I found these gorgeous baby capsicums at our local green grocer this week and wanted to come up with a way of getting my non capsicum eating son to eat them! 131 more words

Kid Friendly

Day 32, Why can't I eat like this every day?

Clearly this is the question that plagues the modern human race. As evidenced by the abundance of diet books, supplements, nutritional counselors, drugs, surgical procedures and research, everyone is trying to figure out how to get the human race to eat in such a way that they can maintain a healthy weight. 290 more words

Pea Guacamole Toast with Black Pudding

Just what the internet needs, another toast recipe. I met up with an old friend, now living in San Francisco this week. Among many other things discussed over sunny pints, the topic of the tech booms transforming our cities and hipsterfication of everything came up. 301 more words