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Paper Tassel DIY (another use for deli or tissue paper!)

Hi friends! Remember that awesome deal I got last year on deli paper? 5000 sheets of 12″x12″ deli paper for $15 and free shipping. Well, I have about 4,700 sheets left so I thought I should take a stab of another way to use some of it and viola! 167 more words

Party Ideas

DIY Tassel Fringe Garland

I love the look of the tassel fringe garland and I wanted to make one to put at my work desk. It was a super easy and cheap project, it only cost me $5 for the materials! 171 more words


My Favorite Things Birthday Party

Well today is my 32nd Birthday! I am not doing anything big this year. I usually like to do a big party with lots of planning involved. 981 more words

Dog Birthday Party

For this month, Baillie Stracciatella, our little Border Collie turned 1. For her first birthday I decided to create a Dog Birthday Party. We invited Baillie’s dog friends, the ones that she has meet at Dog School or in the daily walks at the park. 124 more words

Theme Parties

Final Reveal: Kate's DIY Sweet 15 Party

This girl had her Sweet 15 party and I have a whole lot of images to share with you. (There is a reason I normally limit myself to one memory card.) I don’t even know how to go about sharing it all… so I’m just going to do it and hope it all looks cohesive (photos of 2 parties that went from day to night). 730 more words


Planning A Party for Your Child...NOT for You!!!

The most important thing about planning a kid’s birthday party is keeping your child in mind. If your child is turning 1 or 2, you have to admit that the party is a little for you too because let’s face it, they don’t really care how many decorations you have or if you’ve been up all night trying to bake and decorate the perfect cake! 766 more words