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Anniversary Reflection...

This past week we returned from a little one week getaway to Puerto Vallarta. We actually didn’t plan to go away for our anniversary, it just so happened that the vacation coincided with this date! 246 more words

This Thing We Call Life....

Swimming Against The Tide

I’ve got a confession to make. It might not sit well with everyone and goes against the grain. I’ve read the articles, spoken to lots of people but despite all arguments to the contrary, I still feel the same. 618 more words


Sharing the Load

I can’t predict what you are feeling. All I can do is wrap my arms around you in hopes my warmth will enhance your temperature. I was not the cause of your mood, but I know I can effect whether you’re mood changes. 133 more words


IT: The return of the engineer

Asking an IT professional to build a car, giving just a brief verbal description on the desired result will probably end up with something on triangle wheels. 1,472 more words



Just realized that when girls make a mistake while dating or experience another failed relationship, it’s them who people tell to do or be better. No one says to the guy, “Be better next time.” … 126 more words


Remember Love....

A woman opened her legs; his brain hemorrhages. He falls into a coma, comatose by the sense of her essence. Woke up ten years later- married to dirty dippers, second grade homework, and suits that are perfectly pressed at 9 but wrinkled by 5. 48 more words


Breaking Bread Together - Choose Business Companions Wisely

Europe emerged slowly from the Dark Ages that followed the fall of the Roman Empire. Trade during that time virtually ceased. Growth was stagnant. Most people rarely traveled more than a few miles from where they were born. 781 more words