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Reoccuring thought of the day

Seeing how the situation is with politics these days and politics have become a business than a public service would it not be better for us to revert back to having kings but with a more check and balance, and without the birth right concept of it. 119 more words

Random Thoughts

Beehive Live returns

If you want to keep up with what’s happening in Parliament today – MPs return from a recess – then Stuff’s Beehive Live is worth following. 188 more words


Russell Brand and his brilliant analysis of Lib Dems campaign

Am I the only one that thinks that Rus talks more sense than the whole Parliament?


A tax on tampons is a tax on being a woman

When I was ten, my teacher explained to the class that periods lasted several days – often as long as a week. Having imagined you’d ‘need’ a period in the same way you need the toilet, I was utterly horrified to learn that all these women were walking around, stealthily bleeding nonstop for days on end. 551 more words


Brixton Rises Up As Rage Against The Rich Explodes Across The Capital

On the Sunday Politics show yesterday Labour’s Tessa Jowell admitted that her party’s proposed three year tenancies are voluntary.  Tenants will be able to ‘negotiate’ a three year contract but landlords will be under no obligation to provide one. 750 more words

Fighting Back

Devolution, Federalism and ... Oh Grow Up!

Scotland, Wales and, in my alternate universe, the country of Midland want “independence”; like a 14-year old asking for more pocket-money. UKIP wants to leave Europe because, “Sir, they keep picking on me and making me eat straight bananas and human rights!” But UKIP also think Scotland needs to know its place in ‘the union’ because they don’t feel the need to have logically consistent opinions. 407 more words


General Election Hustings a Huge Success

The Politics and International Relations programme as part of its Making Politics Matter series held a hustings for the Canterbury and Whitstable constituency on Friday 24th of April.   224 more words