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Friend or foe?

As the Members of the new House of Commons take their seats, or standing space, after the Queen’s Speech next week they will no doubt be looking over their shoulders to try to work out who are friends and who foe. 107 more words

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Pin Drops, Is Heard

In a rare incident, a pin fell from a parliament table and was distinctly heard as it made contact with the ground. South African Parliamentarians were elated as they recounted their unique experience to the media. 155 more words

New Select Committee Chair Allocation in Full

From: Government Chief Whip
Date: 21 May 2015
Subject: Allocation of Select Committee Chairs

Dear Colleague,

Party Leaders have agreed, through Usual Channels, to the following allocation of Select Committee Chairs…

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Guido Fawkes

The British Referendum On Europe

David Cameron promised a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (E.U.) and it got him elected, apart from the fact he had no real competition (I say that because no-one with any intelligence would vote for that clown Miliband). 559 more words


A Broken Farage Door

By Thorne

If you’re reading this, I can safely assume you’re aware of Nigel Farage’s strategic shift from ‘leader of UKIP,’ to ‘not resigning from UKIP.’ You may note that there is a key difference between the two in that they are exactly the same and this has occupied the discussion about the party since it happened – and I honestly don’t think this is the worst thing Farage has done. 1,226 more words


Traditions Are The Foundation Of Our Future - We Destroy Them At Our Peril

By Ben Kelly, blogger and editor of The Sceptic Isle.

A healthy respect for tradition and custom is a guarantor of stability and a means of conserving what is good and worth preserving about our country, its culture and its political system. 1,167 more words