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Judgement Day

Judgement. We’re always subjected to it and a lot of us live in fear of it, me being one of the latter for sure. Yet, it seems like our ¬†first instinct is to just cast judgement on those around us. 271 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

I’m big into TV, like I could talk about almost any TV show and I love to do that. Like I feel about TV how film buffs feel about movies. 323 more words


A Fond Farewell to Parks and Recreation

Unless you live under a rock, or hate comedy and joy, I’m sure you’ve heard that Parks and Recreation ended their 7 season run this week. 249 more words


Some of the best comedies of the this millenium

I am a huge fan of comedies, apart from the odd documentary and bit of painful reality TV (which I class as comedy) this is pretty much the entirety of my viewing. 1,148 more words

30 Rock

Why I love Parks and Rec

So Parks and Recreation has finished, leaving behind a gaping hole in political comedy. I only recently got into the show, after my dad recommended it to me, but very quickly fell in love with the humour and style. 134 more words


link loving

when st. patrick’s day i am 100% getting some of these (and making corned beef)

beyond into the firefly lineup for this year

i loved… 70 more words


Good Night and Good Luck, Pawnee

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. Real life has been preventing me from updating. Leave it to work being absolute chaos of sorts. 968 more words

Killer Queen