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A long day...

Yesterday felt like a very long day, I was up at 7, spent all day hanging around my gorgeous aunts house waiting for my car to be fixed by my cousins husband, then made the long journey home by myself before going to sleep before 9pm as I was that knackered. 209 more words


Raising Up Boys

As many of you already know, I have been absolutely blessed with 2 wonderful and precious boys.

Growing up, I watched my sister raise 3 girls and was very close and involved in their upbringing. 759 more words


What Would Flop Do?

There is a voice in my head constantly reminding me to be calm, telling me to be patient, reassuring me that things are fine. It tells me not to overeact, and it tells me to let children be children because they’re only young once. 920 more words


Old Wounds Still Bleed

I don’t know why I do this myself. I watch the stupid videos on YouTube about people’s stories with eating disorders. I used to do this quite frequently but I do not do it nearly as much anymore. 2,164 more words

"What's the plan here, Phil?"

Life as a parent sucks! Now before you “perfect skip thru meadow everything is fucking perfect parents” spit your bullets of guilt at me, grit your teeth, bite your tongue and hear me out. 677 more words

Online Artefact

Hi all!

Finally! It’s finished …. hopefully :) Huge relief.

My context for this assignment was Year 11 Ancient History. I choose to use an infographic medium for my artefact as I’m a fairly visual person and love to use my creativity. 81 more words

Let Your Kids Play

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - We are heading into the spring sports season and a great opportunity for kids to play all sorts of sports – softball, soccer, track and lacrosse are just a few and it should be fun, but there can be problems. 108 more words

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