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10 things I've learned in my first month of motherhood

As we cross over the one month mark since Sophie’s birth, I find myself already passing on the pearls of wisdom that I have managed to acquire in this short time to other expeccting mothers. 1,330 more words

Backyard Play is the Best

Some days, we make big plans and then bag ’em, just because it is so fun to stay home and dink around in the backyard. Nowhere to go, no timelines set, no instructions given, no guidelines provided. 99 more words


The Thumb

Yah, my daughter loves her thumb so much. Just wondering how to prevent/stop this thumb sucking thing.
I just made cover for his thumb but still she remove it. 331 more words


Parenting Is Hard

One of the most difficult and yet rewarding roles in life is being a parent.  You can read every book available on parenting, attend classes taught by “seasoned” parents and listen to the advice of those who have gone before you.  417 more words


grace in small things.  2328 of 2555.

  1. making a very grouchy baby momentarily happy with sausage.
  2. being alone in the car.
  3. the kinds of conversations you can only have with close friends.
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Grace In Small Things

Parenting Millennial Kids: Got A Story?

September 1st 2014: My son started the school year in a new school, in a new country, with a new teacher and no friends. Last week Friday, he finished the school year with 2 best friends (he couldn’t settle for one!), great love for his football team, admiration for his teacher and other classmates. 224 more words


Summertime and the vegan livin' is easy

Summertime & the vegan livin’ is easy. BBQ tofu? Yes, please!

I saw a recipe for BBQ tofu & actually really liked it. It was meaty in texture and the sauce was what made it. 138 more words

Animal Rights