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The One-Woman PTA

I’ve been the one-woman-PTA.  That is, a parent and a teacher at the same time at the same school. The multiple identity can be wonderful.  I’ve glanced out my window and caught my child in mid-belly laugh, turning a jump rope with her friends.   543 more words

Crafting The Home

A while back, I was listening to the Freakonomics podcast on marriage when I heard Stephen Dubner say this: 

“So marriage used to create, in economist-speak, “productive complementarities.” This meant that a man – the CEO of the household – wanted a spouse who could do the things he didn’t do, most of which involved running the household. 334 more words



Laying in bed sick today. Boo. This is a rather difficult task for the family, you see, because my husband John is (luckily) off work but with our older daughter (Leni, 9) and younger daughter (Filippa, soon to be 1) I feel guilty when all the responsibility is placed on his shoulders. 288 more words


Cookie Power

When Mtuseni and I decided to continue our relationship when the nonprofit that connected us folded, I envisioned frequent connection via numerous paths, including the mail. 795 more words

How Being a Parent Is Like a Rock Star

The difference is that a rock star is paid bazillions of dollars for his work. A parent, well…nothing. The only Rock in my life was rocking a crying child and the only Star was following the words, “Twinkle, Twinkle..” 322 more words


Life with animals, I mean kids

I feel like a live in a fucking zoo. Kids are drunk all the time. They have no filter, which I’m envious of, and they do what they want. 317 more words


You're raising a child, not fixing a problem

It’s not so often that a person gets to have a favorite topic be talked about in front of people you want them pay attention to. 409 more words