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Mom Who?

My son pretty much stopped loving me as soon as my milk dried up.

When dad’s around, he only wants him to hold him. When I hold him he reaches for dad and squirms out of my arms. 263 more words


Parents, Plead With Your Young Drivers Not to Become Statistics

I saw a lot of weird driving toward the end of this past week. But the situation with the girl talking on her phone was one of the worst. 141 more words


Goldilocks & the Ginger Bears.

The Enzed odyssey continues at long last…

The 4 hour drive from Dunedin to Arrowtown was fairly uneventful. (Well the first 3.5 hours were very uneventful and the last 0.5 very eventful, so that’s on average.) 769 more words



I woke up this morning with one resounding thought: Einstein is dead. After weeks of watching him diminish from his bright blue Betta self to shades of spotty brown, after so many moments of being convinced he wasn’t just sleeping in the plants or slumped against the glass of his fish bowl, only to have him rally to the water’s surface when I tossed in a few crumbs, I am now certain that Einstein is gone. 1,411 more words


Happiness and contentment. (A stream of consciousness on the dark cloud)

Someone asked me today if I felt my lifes happiness was dependent on anyone else (it was a question directed at a large group of people). 707 more words

3 ways to engage with your kids using technology.

As a parent, you have much more influence on your kids than teachers do or friends would. It all comes down to how you engage with them at an early age. 289 more words

Educational Apps

"Be nice to your clothes." -- Isaac Mizrahi

“MOM!” my 11-year-old daughter gasped. “That dress is TOO short!”

I looked down. I looked confused.

“It’s to my knee,” I countered.


The four of us were getting dressed for dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant in an even more upscale resort. 1,069 more words