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Bare with us.

Today we had a chat with the Professor on the ward. Seth is continuing to spike very high temperatures and his liver enzymes are high. His breathing rate is up (meaning he is working a bit harder), but he is currently maintaining the oxygen level in his blood on his own. 211 more words


Amish dads be likeĀ 

You know you’re a dad when you ask at karaoke night if they have “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”

The Amish Dad


Marathon Man and Team GB: A Personal Appeal from Me.

As you know, I don’t normally talk about my family, mainly because I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to know about them and that they, in turn, would be absolutely horrified if I did. 770 more words

General Wittering

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Little Hands

I really have grown to love the Melissa & Doug brand of children’s toys and learning helpers. Their personal story is pretty cute, too. But the company has something for every child. 145 more words


Life without television

Did you know that Screen-Free Week is coming right up? It’s May 4-10. During that time, people are encouraged to “rediscover life beyond the screen.” These days, screens are everywhere, but once upon a time there was just the television. 477 more words


Helping Little Learners Learn

(Also posted on my other site: Today’s Dose of Sanity)

A preliminary evaluation of my three year old suggested autism spectrum disorder. While further testing will be done to more accurately determine his needs, for now I’m working with him as though this is his diagnosis. 323 more words


What is Homeschooling?

(Also posted on my other site: Today’s Dose of Sanity)

There are many things that homeschooling is not. Over the six and a half years we did it, I heard a lot of what my kids were “missing out on. 163 more words