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It's Official: We Have Decided on Nursery Colors/Theme!

Tons of people have been asking what our nursery colors/theme are so that they can start shopping/creating (you’re so sweet!!) — so here you go! 27 more words

All RADed out

OK so yesterday M1 decided to steal money from me yet again. She did it when I went to walk the dog. It was not a lot this time, $3 but at this point it is the upteenth million time she has stolen, she again went INTO my stuff and stole from me, she made sure I was not in the house when it happened. 513 more words


Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

I feel a deja vu coming on.

I think I have called myself a recovering perfection before, years ago, and yet here I am…still recovering. 820 more words

Faith & Devotionals

In The Middle....The Waiting Game

I’ve been sitting here for hours wondering what I really want you to know about being in the middle, and what I’ve come up with is this: It’s like being stuck between your husband and your kids, they very much want a piece of your time and are tearing apart your arms and legs trying to get you to come to their side.   591 more words


First Swimming Experience

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……duh susah amat yak bisa konsisten nge-blog setelah jadi emak macam emak-emak blogger kece di luaran sana *sigh*. Tapi iya sih emang fokus sekarang ini waktu itu priceless banget (cielah) sayang aja gitu ga dihabisin buat anak dan keluarga. 573 more words


Taste your words before you spit them out

Six, so far, is proving to be a tough age, and we aren’t even a week into it.

This morning, I insisted D brush his own teeth. 1,252 more words

a coldcuppa

a coldcuppa for May 27, 2015
~originally published January 22, 2013

Me: “Better hurry up! Spongebob is starting in ten seconds! Ten…nine…”
Mag: “WAIT! I still need to get my popsicle!” 96 more words