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Moments from June

June started with a post I initially thought about in January, put into practice from February, and finally published in June, #betterbreakfasts was and continues to be my attempt at getting my children to eat a much healthier variety of breakfasts and not be relying on breakfast cereals. 243 more words

Chit Chat

Who Knew?

Milestones for most are defined by a child succeeding in their first step, first word, or first smile. As a special needs parent, milestones are not something I pay much attention too. 293 more words


Empathy round 2

I can not say it enough.  Learning about Jake’s autism has been such an incredible key to knowing him.  It is affecting our family more and more.  1,543 more words

The Power of Play

Madonna and Child-Titian

Parenting will teach you so many lessons about God.

Tonight was a particularly fun family night. Since being home-bound due to the car accident and lack of vehicle, my friend brought me to the store earlier today where I was bound and determined to buy a couple of water pistols for the kids to play with in the pool, along with a tiny Nerf pistol.

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"Mommy, What's Wrong With Her?"

So there I am, walking along, just trying to finish my shopping and exit the crowded mall as soon as humanly possible. Suddenly, my animated discussion with a friend about soft vs. 948 more words


Mommy, What's a C-O-N-D-....?

I just read a post over at Underdaddy.com that got me thinking about how thankful I am that Pebbles is a late bloomer in the reading department. 424 more words


My Daughters' Steps

Wherever your feet go, make sure it is where you will want to look back and see your footprints.

Once you have chosen to walk in a direction, I fully recommend that you leap that way with your whole heart.  396 more words