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What It’s Like To Be A Flight Attendant (And Have The Best Job Ever)

I am a flight attendant … and boy can it cause some ruckus at home!

Almost 9 months ago, I made a drastic change in careers. 842 more words

My toddler still makes me put on weight...

I gave birth 2 years ago, but I continue to put on weight like I’m in the first trimester of pregnancy. But it’s not my fault, the blame lies at my daughters door. 173 more words


So Why Not?

Why Not?

This is what I found myself saying at the thought of starting my own blog. A real blog. One that would allow me to use my creative writing coupled with life experiences to share with mama’s. 252 more words

Blue Collar

9 People Give 2 Sentence Descriptions Of What It's Like To Have A Baby

1. I can die now knowing I left something behind and I didn’t have to find a cure, start or stop a war or win a prize.

546 more words

WATCH: Cool dad builds amazing homemade luge track in yard

WATCH ABOVE: Joseph Colangelo’s luge track has gone viral and there’s a good reason why – it’s awesome. Scott Rapoport reports.

The coolest father in the world could be living in New Jersey, after reports emerged of a man building an epic luge track in his yard for his three kids to enjoy during the winter. 319 more words


Napkins, Teacups, Ribbon

As soon as I saw this photo on the 1000words site, I knew the kind of story I wanted to write to go with it. I wanted to portray the ribbon of undercurrent that sometimes runs beneath a roomful of clinking teacups and coffee-morning smiles, and I wanted to do so from the perspective of a mother whose child doesn’t quite fit the high-flying, high-tea mould that the picture might suggest. 80 more words

Flash Fiction

Tights are Leverage

Wildling has a new fashion obsession: She only likes to wear tights.  She even screamed at me this morning, when I made the mistake of suggesting leggings “No! 353 more words