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What I Want to Remember About Today

The past couple days have been exhausting to say the least.

This is the progression of my tired “phases”:

Quiet- My body tries to just shut itself down for the reboot. 646 more words


This boy and his cars..

Of course once we learned that grandma and grandpa’s neighbor had a swank car, someone had to ask for a test ride.  He was thrilled as you can see here! 6 more words



For those of you who don’t already know, the 2nd edition of the Mother and Child is around the corner. Check out their site here… 67 more words


Moms Who Motivate

It’s a new month and I have never been more excited to see how fast time is flying. Why, you ask? Because a lot is happening not only on my blog but in my everyday life. 455 more words

Mommy Blog

When I was your age...

Whenever adults (primarily parents or teachers) talk about kids, it usually begins with, “Kids these days…”. They talk about kids these days having gotten everything all messed up. 793 more words


Guest Post: Talking to Teens About Sexting

By Justin W. Patchin, Ph.D., coauthor of Words Wound

Many parents worry that cell phones are an easy place for teens to experiment with sexual activity by sending explicit messages and photos could follow them in life and have serious emotional or criminal repercussions. 1,424 more words

FSP Author

With Child: A Guest Post Series.

The response was overwhelming. Granted, it took a few days. They are all mothers, after all. Each one has a lot on her plate. Those first few days were full of sweaty-handed waiting and continuous phone-checking that would rival any junior-high girl with a serious crush. 404 more words