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Sebastian ROCKING some sequins!

Cruising through the thrift store when Sebastian decided to get fabulous and toss on some sequins and strike a pose!

My kid cracks me up!


How Often Do You Read To Your Children?

Studies show that logging in reading time with our kids impacts how they perform in school.

Rose Moloney reports for The Good Father.


Breastfeeding support..... Postcode lottery?

Jumping on the bressure bandwagon and thought I would bring two very different accounts of getting started with breast feeding. Both had different obsticals however I live in Devon and sister is in Bedfordshire and support we both reviewed was very different. 1,387 more words


Mama Boxes: Helping Moms One Trimester at a Time

In full disclosure, we received a Mama Box sample in exchange for our honest review.

As a first time “soon-to-be-mom”, looking at all of the different products geared towards pregnant women seemed a little daunting. 905 more words


Empowered Parents Become Positive Parents

It’s concerning when children are still being taken wrongly from their parents or families, Read Real Stories. This can be due to professionals listening to one side of the story or not carrying out a full and proper investigation. 306 more words


As She Sleeps...

Dear God,

I pray that you continue to bless her with a kind heart and youthful spirit which will serve her well all the days of her life. 288 more words

Bathtime Covie

Cellophane Tape Day

Have you ever seen the Photoseries of Taped Faces? They are so funny… make sure you check them out before looking at our version… 201 more words

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