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A Thoughtful Sister

We were all in the basement today, which is finished and has a second living room, the washing machine, Paul’s bedroom, and a fourth bedroom that I am planning to clean out this summer so that I can shift Elizabeth down there and turn her bedroom into a playroom and school space.   66 more words


Sleep training a baby doesn't "take guts" being a present does.

This week mommyishere will give you advice on helping your baby sleep well.

I am the type of mom who believes in listening to my children, truly listening. 1,133 more words


Hurry Up

“Hurry up” one of the phrases I say the most.

I am breeding monsters.

Today, we were cleaning the boys room.  Super cleaning – digging out every nook and cranny.  213 more words


Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy is Definitely NOT Normal 

One recent afternoon, after arriving early for my twins appointment to get their hairs cut, I decided to take advantage of their inability to stay awake in a moving vehicle. 904 more words


Two Tricks My Mother Played Well

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | April 1, 2015

Many of you have heard how my mother abused me, but you have not heard about the two things she did well. 681 more words


Watching You

Yep, they are watching, this is so true. The good and the bad, if they see or hear it chances are they will repeat it. 413 more words


It was a bad day today. 

It was a bad day today because before noon I found myself locked in the bathroom, scratched to shreds and crying. Wishing so badly it hurt that my toddler was normal. 514 more words