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My first memory

Her hair. I remember sitting below her, holding my hands in a bowl to catch her hair as it fell in chunks from the scissors my father wielded unseen from behind her, and watching the small bits light from the sun as they disappeared onto the floor. 245 more words

In Defense of Routines.

To be fair, I’ve always been fairly pro-routines.  In my single days, I meticulously created routines and then systematically rebelled from them, only to recreate them once again – over time perfecting various routines that I felt ready to commit to, that number ever increasing each year.   524 more words


Fitness group from happy mother

English version below.
Эта история об очаровательной девушке Евгении, которая, как и некоторые другие героини моих блогов, нашли свое призвание после рождения ребенка.
Евгения решила создать фитнес – группу для мам с детьми. 186 more words

Black Sea

Brave or Foolish?

How strong and courageous will you be in my day of reckoning? I, the Lord, have spoken, and I will do what I said. Ezekiel 22:14… 676 more words


Waking up in bed the other morning with my significant other and my nursing little one, I realized that two out of the three humans in bed want to eat me – in different ways of… 16 more words

New Mom

Goodbye Oregon

After three months, my daughter Ellie and I have returned from our adventure in Oregon. Initially I had such mixed feeling about going to Oregon to live on a farm with my sister. 655 more words


Are you there, fetus? It's me, Mom.

Since we found out our little nugget is a-brewin’, days seem to be passing slower and I’ve become irrationally aware of my body. It’s both a blessing and a curse that we have resources these days to predict and track symptoms of pregnancy. 973 more words