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Single parents, I salute you!

Here I stand, dishevelled, and on the brink of insanity. Surrounded by a sea of chaos, slowly losing the will to carry on. Tears tickle the corners of my eyes, foretelling the fall of floodgates, holding back a sea of sorrow. 1,473 more words


Humiliation Suit

Knowing that our vacation to Mexico was locked in, I started to notice vacation gear all around me. Particularly, a three piece bathing suit for children at Costco. 227 more words

Life With Toddlers

The Case of the Missing... well, I'd rather not say

The call came unexpected and with little notice. We had a house showing in thirty minutes. But knowing the drill well, I got to work getting our house in order. 465 more words


Memorial Day: A Day of Rememberance

Well, we come to another Memorial Day. This is one of my favorite federal holidays. This is the day that we have designated to say thank you to our brave men and women who serve in our military. 1,490 more words


Game On! #4: Bestselling Classics!

Family size may have shrunk over the years,  but these classic evergreens sure haven’t!

At The Better Toy Store, we may have a wide assortment of fun and unique games, but we also still fully believe in the play value of some of the world’s most classic old favourites.  767 more words

Game On!

The things she says

Little K has picked up pretty fast on the speech front and sometimes, the things she says can throw us off or leave us laughing in stitches. 268 more words


pakej buku magik

Puan Farrah beritahu, anaknya Dani & Aleena SERONOK BETUL dapat belajar menulis dengan buku magik ni. Sebab boleh tulis, lepas tu padam semula.

. Nah, itulah magiknya!.. 141 more words