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Yes, We Stay Up Late Eating Ice Cream and Watching Movies

One Christmas when I was very young, my brother and I were inundated with gifts of Super Nintendo Games.  I believe it was Aladdin and a Super Scope in one beautiful Christmas morning haul for a couple of pre-Tweens.  511 more words


Branden A Haiku

Noise, noise, and more noise.
That smile makes it all worth it.
I love you my son.

Jessica Nicole Winfrey
April 24, 2015
Day 24 of 30


My Sunday Photo: Building a den

Our kids love building dens.

This is one of their favourite activities on wet winter days. Isaac has one of those mid-sleeper beds which creates a natural space for fashioning a den underneath it. 166 more words


Nice Manners - Don't Pick Your Nose, Fart on Your Teacher and Say, 'Thank You'

In the grown-up world, we call it etiquette. In the kid sphere, we call it having nice manners.

In such a gimme-gimme-gimme, fast-paced world, it can be hard to teach your kids nice manners – especially when many parents could care less. 530 more words


Riding bikes

I don’t want to ride with you anymore
I want to ride on the road with my friends,
he said
As I picked myself up from the floor… 71 more words


the price of my patience

that baby down the hall

she is crying

I can tell from her voice that she is no more than 4 weeks old

I can tell that she is probably being changed… 173 more words