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Oh Shoot... I Am Pregnant... Now What?

(FYI: I am not pregnant, this is a flash back blog…. Did your heart just stop? Mine too, but its ok we can get through this together…) 739 more words

Go away, Baby Blues!

During my pregnancy, The Hubs would always tell me, “no postpartum okay?!” I’d always shrug it off with a “DUH!” because.. Why? Well, nobody told me about baby blues! 250 more words


The Tuesdays

At two and a half years old, these are probably not days that August is going to remember very clearly. A day like today especially, because to a toddler, I doubt it was anything special. 683 more words

Houston, We Have A Walker!

No. I’m not referring to the gruesome, zombie characters on TV’s Walking Dead, although at times he does stumble around like them, minus the blood and gore of course.  165 more words







The Moments in Between

Routines. Structure. Plans. We all need them. We all make them. And, well…sometimes we don’t stick to them. Most of us can handle a bit of spontaneity. 599 more words


Thoughts Of Crotch Fruit (more commonly known as "children")

As a mid-to-late twenty-something, I often encounter new mothers gushing (no pun intended….okay, maybe a little) about the  joy brought into their lives when an aggressively parasitic abdominal tumor ripped through their crotch and was given a name. 666 more words