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Why are you not here!!?? I have so much i want to tell you!! Like so much has happened. Moral is sinking fast at work. 517 more words


Free interactives science teachers can use as virtual playgrounds while exploring physics concepts

Hey! What’s up? I’m still digging for old samples I made with Adobe Flash (Sorry again, iOS devices!), and the free physics engine called Box2DFlash… 74 more words


In Each Other's Eyes

291 Days Left

In the eyes of the young boy she was ancient,

In her eyes she was just

a lost girl

leading her son through something

she herself hadn’t understood.



Shame on you if you use shame on your child. Essentially you are teaching your child to become a bully.

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Friendship, parenthood, and pseudo religious groups...

I have been thinking a lot about death lately. Not because I am suicidal or considering suicide as an option but because two of my closest friends have each lost a parent in this last year. 406 more words


what was going to be a spur of the moment outing =what was I thinking

On Saturday 3/28/15 it was a busy morning 1 of my children had tutoring, from 9-12, so no waking up late today, but its all about the kiddos, especially when it comes to education.  240 more words

Being A Mom

Bunsen Burner Day

It’s 200 years to the day since the birth of Robert Bunsen, the German chemist famous for inventing the ubiquitous Bunsen burner. But Bunsen’s scientific legacy is far, far more important than that – he was one of the most ingenious chemists of the 19th century, whose work led to the discovery of a new element, an antidote for arsenic poisoning and would one day provide clues to the constituents of stars. 357 more words