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The Truth about Divorce from the child of divorce, 20 years later

It is no secret that my parents are divorced. (If you didn’t know read my blog on anxiety.) I bet 98% of the people who know me think my step-dad is my biological dad because he is always around. 2,218 more words


Something has been bothering me today…

Maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing. That could be. I do that in my head sometimes. Especially when it comes to my kids. 533 more words


Perks of motherhood 

Despite the sleepless nights, the endless nappy changing and feeding, being a mum definitely has its perks.

I’m not talking about the unconditional love, the amazing feeling of bringing a baby into this world and nurturing them into a child, nor the awesome cuddles. 470 more words


*gasp!* Gossip!!


Why are you not here!!?? I have so much i want to tell you!! Like so much has happened. Moral is sinking fast at work. 517 more words


Free interactives science teachers can use as virtual playgrounds while exploring physics concepts

Hey! What’s up? I’m still digging for old samples I made with Adobe Flash (Sorry again, iOS devices!), and the free physics engine called Box2DFlash… 74 more words


In Each Other's Eyes

291 Days Left

In the eyes of the young boy she was ancient,

In her eyes she was just

a lost girl

leading her son through something

she herself hadn’t understood.



Shame on you if you use shame on your child. Essentially you are teaching your child to become a bully.

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