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Teaching Students To Hear The Music In The Built World, Part 1


What makes a great teacher great? That’s the question at the heart of 50 Great Teachers, from the NPR Ed Team. 752 more words


Grief never ends. 

Keegan died 14 years ago tomorrow morning. The day before was hell. I remember it better than I do the day and month after.

I will love my middle child forever and always. 6 more words


What do you want me to will you?

If and when I am designated as fit enough to travel to the cerulean yonder, if you have been nice to me, I shall consider leaving you a little something to remember me by. 497 more words


An adults scary reality 

Seeing people divorced with kids or just people who were never married to begin with but have a child… It never really hit me how those adults must feel. 428 more words

Sweet night, sweet serenity. 

So here I sit. 4:04am. Those big blue eyes stare up at me in wonderment. My eight week old daughter is in my arms, writhing and wriggling as she struggles to digest her extra thick anti-reflux milk. 628 more words


LGBTQ Children’s Picture Books And Its Evolution

Over the last three decades, LGBTQ children’s books have gained in prominence and importance. We owe our gratitude to children authors who were and are brave enough to broach the subject head on despite knowing the backlash that would ensue. 1,634 more words


La fois où on m'a dit qu'une convention n'était pas un lieu pour un enfant

Suite à la parution de l’article de Julie sur L’antre du geek, j’ai décidé de parler un peu de mon expérience (surtout qu’elle me cite ;) ) 1,177 more words