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Anime Review: "Parasyte Maxim" Is So Good

During a gaming event put on by the UC Anime Club, they offered me an opportunity to meld with their nerd hive mind and join a higher consciousness. 555 more words

Dealing with Anxiety today!

I’ve been kidnapped by ANXIETY from my life, my family and tied down to my room. I’ve been forced to live in a room with very little access to anything as it began to steal my confidence of ever getting out!!! 627 more words

New 'Tongue Worm' Discovered in the Fossil Record

As a rule parasites don’t fossilise well. They are usually small, soft bodied and many live inside other animals, making them even less likely to be preserved when their host dies and begins to break down. 357 more words


The Lake: Entry 4

Linda finished setting up her hoop houses. She thinks there’s still time to get a bunch of kale growing. It’s a hearty green that can live through almost anything. 384 more words


Protective role of blood type O in malaria

Malaria vital statistics

Where: In 97 countries, but most deaths occur in Africa

Incidence: 198 million cases and 584,000 deaths per year

How spread: bite by infected mosquito… 731 more words

5 Things I Got For My Birthday

So, I wrote about what I wanted to get – only semi-seriously – and was delighted to have two of the things ticked off my list. 431 more words

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