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Study: parasite infecting Florida snails poses human health danger

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A new study has found that a rare parasite found in snails and rats that can cause serious health problems in humans and animals is more pervasive in South Florida than previously thought. 108 more words

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How sanitary is Thailand's drinking water?

So I recently learned about Traveler’s diarrhea and how common this illness actually is among people who travel to developing countries. Unfortunately, I had to suffer through this the first week I arrived in Thailand, so I wanted to learn more about what causes these unpleasant symptoms. 257 more words

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Can you taste the waste?

So, it’s going on 11:00, and I’ve accomplished approximately nothing today. Out of a typical 8-hour work day, I do about 15 minutes of productive work. 115 more words


The Worm

The past few days has seen the return of the restless legs. And along with it, an overwhelming and uncontrollable anger. I have lashed out at inanimate objects numerous times; even, on occasion, when there were people around. 414 more words


A Parable of the Universe (Tell me if I am wrong)

credit: chestofbooks.com

When all the stories of girlfriends and guyfriends collide and correspond, life unfolds in parables and tales of the universe. There are certain constants that run true in human behavior throughout time regardless of fashion, trends and technology. 493 more words


What's going on in my tummy?

Rewind to six months ago- I started getting excruciating stomach pain one morning, along with a few other unwelcome symptoms. It was out of no where, so I thought that maybe the three glasses of bubbles I had indulged in the the night before had given me a bit of a dodgy and unusual hangover… If only. 396 more words



Parasites… what an unpleasant and scary word. The word brings to mind images of 6ft long tapeworms feeding off of your body, or bugs crawling around under our flesh. 480 more words