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The beast in our hearts

The darkness behind
the falling rain

We can’t see or hear
the pitter patter,
only feel the cold fire
dripping… 116 more words


i wish i was a royalist! (the only escape from royal parasite mania)

I wish I was a Royalist ……..

then I wouldn’t have this constant feeling of being overwhelmed by ‘royal brat’ nausea.

Another chuffing royal parasite born that we have to keep in opulence and luxury for the rest of its pampered, over-privileged life. 82 more words


Voter apathy and the royal baby prove we're not all in it together, only the 'it' we're in has a silent sh at the start....

Thursday night was one of the most unedifying experiences I’ve had in a long time. Unedifying because it highlighted the sheer apathy of vast swathes of the electorate. 1,260 more words

Election 2015

Another parasite to pay for from the public purse

It’s the age of austerity!

For five years the unholy ConDem alliance of Tory idealogues and LibDem enablers have been persecuting poor folk who dare to ask for help from the public purse. 135 more words

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Parasite Zombie

Ever since I read Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer, I have been fascinated with parasites. Carl Zimmer continues this story with photos of parasites by Anand Varma for a National Geographic issue. 565 more words


Review: Convergence: Superman: The Man of Steel #1

Superman: The Man of Steel #1 was one of the Convergence tie-in series that I was most looking forward to.

Until I actually opened it. Then my hopes were quickly shattered. 275 more words

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Forgotten Question

Hello and welcome back to another week of deceit and disingenuity here at Factually Deficient! This week, I would like to answer an atypical question asked by my friend… 285 more words

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