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My thoughts: Parasyte

The human mind has always been something I’ve been fascinated about. The emotions that control us, the thoughts that linger in our head and haunt us although years have gone by. 707 more words


M2 protein from MHV68 infection can change non-lethal strain of parasite to lethal strain of malaria

PLOS says that it is known that infections with certain viruses can weaken the immune response to another pathogen. A new study reports provocative findings in mice that infection with the mouse equivalent of Epstein-Barr virus can turn infections with certain parasites that cause malaria in mice (which are normally quickly suppressed by the immune system) into a lethal disease.  262 more words


Parasyte Episode 11 Review

Progressing the relationship! /waggle eyebrows

Warning: Spoilers ahead! 599 more words


OtherWorld- Possession

Some of the designs for the hosts possessed by the parasites

Concept Art

Myths Behind the Crazy Cat Lady

All my friends know I’m a cat lady and like to give me new little tidbits of information when they find it or hear about something. 521 more words

What in the World is Wolbachia?

For our very last AP Biology lab EVER, my class looked into a very interesting type of bacteria: Wolbachia. Wolbachia is a genus of intracellular bacteria that lives inside the bodies of arthropods and nematodes. 757 more words

AP Biology