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Waging war on Australia's nastiest parasite: Scientists map blowfly genome

Researchers have decoded the Australian sheep blowfly genome, adding ammunition to the battle against one of the nation s most insidious pests. This blowfly is responsible for about $280 million in losses to Australia s sheep industry each year from flystrike. 25 more words

Lost In The Net

I slowly approached the door feeling a strange combination of fear, shame and excitement. The house was a small one lost back in a bundle of old growth hemlocks far from the road. 2,754 more words


The Giardia Tales

Giardia is an intestinal parasite that causes diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and fever. It is contracted though fecal (poop) contamination of water or food sources. It takes up residence in the intestine and spawns. 838 more words


Parasite Cleansing

We all have parasites at some point in our lives, especially if you have pets. Parasites are organisms that live on another organisms ( humans and animals in this case). 981 more words



A familiar feeling comes creeping in
Like a little demon that’s burrowed underneath my skin

I shake it off
Push forward
Ignore it like they say… 58 more words



Throwback Thursday!

Keeping with last weeks selection, I decided to go after another Scott Westerfeld novel and decided that I did not like this book as much as I liked Midnighters. 142 more words

Rangers at Sand Hollow say warm weather makes 'Swimmer's itch' parasite more active

HURRICANE, Utah – A naturally occurring parasite in Utah waters could cause a itchy summer for some young swimmers. Rangers at Sand Hollow State Park say ‘swimmer’s itch’ is already active. 340 more words