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The Little Girl...

We made it through the first three weeks of living in our apartment with out much of anything significant happening. Maybe the whole tool thing and the gemstones crashing to the floor and the footsteps in the kitchen are from wishing and hoping for a haunting and peoples over active imaginations? 466 more words

Paranormal Experiences

If Washington wasn't bad enough continued..

If living in Washington taught me anything it’s that living in a home you belief to be haunted you take precautions. Which is precisely what I did. 401 more words

Paranormal Experiences

If Washington wasn't bad enough

As many of you may not know. Angelicnitemare and AZ Paranormal Research Center are one and the same. I just hated having to flip between accounts to blog. 517 more words

Paranormal Experiences

True Ghost Stories

At Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! we’re adding a new level of spookiness by beginning each show with a true ghost story. And we’d like to hear yours! 254 more words


My Possession/Exorcism

From a young age, I knew things that I shouldn’t know. I felt things, understood things that didn’t make sense, but I knew them to the core of me. 1,380 more words

Paranormal Experiences

Return of Bumps in the Night

I was really confident for a while that there was no malevolent presence around me or my family, at least nothing that was able to scare me very much. 746 more words