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Goodbye Stranger, It's Been Nice

When you begin a new chapter of your story, whatever the reason may be, you have to relearn how to interact with your environment and circumstances. 918 more words


Smuggling Peanut Butter Across the Border

Have you ever wondered who makes up the rules at customs? Or if there are any rules at all?

I question whether a lot of countries have just random “official” people who decide on a person by person basis what they will demand. 376 more words


The Right Stuff

Sometimes it can be difficult to admit feeling lost, because it feels more admirable to try to find your own way back. But it isn’t easy to always be so independent, and it most certainly can lead you to end up more off course than you had previously thought. 3,028 more words


Paramaribo in 1 dag

‘Waar ga je?’ In Suriname is deze vraag bijna net zo belangrijk als de vraag wat je die dag tot dan toe hebt gegeten. Of ooit. 255 more words


Satori In Suriname: Naked Lunch & A/C Nightmares As I Lay Dying

New Year 2009

Paramaribo a traveler’s dream… Suriname one of those great unknowns, I long put off by the presence of a local dialect called “ 521 more words


Exploding sunset

Exploding sunset at Brokopondo, Surinam. A big tropical thunderstorm coming in. Cumulonimbusclouds above the water.


Tasty Table Tennis en een Tepelhof Broodje

My first introduction into the Dutch world was the night I met mijn raar (weird!) but wonderful friend Vinnie back in the summer of 2009. I remember the strange guttural sounds that emitted from his mouth when he spoke with two of his fellow countrymen, his particular fondness for wearing head to toe blue, but most of all the openness with which he welcomed me into his group of friends. 1,571 more words