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Sharing is Healing

So before I write further about the four months of facial paralysis that I went through, I want to speak about why am I writing this on my blog. 226 more words

Blog #6. Joyce. Due Sunday, March 29.


For our final Joyce blog, please address the following topic:

As we’ve discussed at length, Joyce rehearses in Dubliners the myriad ways the individuals of his nation—indeed, the culture at large—is mired in a state of “paralysis”—a physical, emotional, and spiritual “stasis” which takes many forms. 44 more words

One Sided

The taste of my morning coffee was different. I couldn’t put a finger to it. But something was wrong. Different. The left side of my tongue felt a bit raw. 1,459 more words


He was dreaming or so he thought
His perception composed of
Colored reels streamed on black canvass
Safely hovering above it all
Till he tried to move… 19 more words


4 Common Causes of Canine Paralysis | Nzymes

If your child developed paralysis it would be heart breaking. As doggy parents, getting a diagnosis of canine paralysis is equally devastating information… Aside from injury, read these 4 common causes of paralysis in dogs.

Fear? You won't rule me, you bastard!

Fear is an interesting thing. One of my friends has recently become afraid of the dark after seeing a horror film sequence (by mistake), and I’m currently suffering from an indeterminate but acute fear of Oh-help-I’m-sure-this-good-thing-will-come-to-an-end, so I’ve been thinking a bit about fear lately. 541 more words