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What Having a Baby Taught Me about Christ's Sacrifice

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I used to struggle with being grateful for Christ’s sacrifice. There were times when thoughts like this would go through my mind: “Why was Christ dying on the cross such a big deal? 886 more words

"Reach to yourself and fail us all"©

With the disappearance of an Arizona tourist,

Denise Thiem, missing in Spain… with the FBI

involved, along with Senator McCain, and ABC’s

Good Morning America- all this will we so try… 177 more words

Caught Between

[Video] Parallels' 'Civilisation'

We covered the SynthPop gold that is the new single from Toronto’s Parallels a week or so ago. Civilisation is taken from the EP of the same name, which is out now; as is this lovely new video. 42 more words


Q&A: Running specialist Windows apps

Q Some local therapists are keen to buy, and have funding for, a specialist Windows application to help manage lymphoedema patients. However they really want a Mac to prepare and show presentations. 265 more words


"The UN, Maurice Strong and the coming changes to touch even YOU"©

Let me be one of the first to play devil’s advocate here, with a jog down memory lane, and to an unpleasant reality for some. The green movement, started by one Maurice Strong… and certain other environmentalists(?), was (simply put) a means to generate a ‘false concern for the environment’ while appearing to care for something and foist this with a detrimental goal- and you can… 658 more words

Caught Between

Winchesters Never Learn

I am noticing a lot of parallels between season 4 and season 10. In terms of addiction; Sam was slowly sucked into demon blood addiction in season 4 while Dean was slowly sucked into addiction to violence in season 10. 96 more words


Film Review - Parallels (2015) - Spoilers

This will be a quick one. Parallels, which was conceived of as a TV pilot, then released as a VOD/Netflix film, is basically Sliders… 368 more words

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