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"One year later… injustice is still injustice"©

 Where have all the Chibok gone…

long time passing,

where have all the Chibok gone,

one year ago,

where have all the Chibok gone…

gone to memory every one, 309 more words

Caught Between


Life is much
writing a poem.

You wake in
a new day
its path uncharted
at times
you cross pontoon… 86 more words

Claudia Moss

"In Israel they have a saying,"Never forget, never again""©

It should be understood, firmly, where and why this same thing can been seen as more than a human tragedy… for what: nationality someone is, how someone believes and the attempt to dominate one class of people over any other. 211 more words

American Backbone

JJ's Write

I recently, at the age of 47, had an awakening and decided I needed to get my life back. Currently, I have no car, no money, not enough education and I have been staying with a friend for nearly 5 years. 296 more words

#72 - Parallels

This is labeled as a movie on Netflix but I have to believe that it’s a TV pilot.  The acting feels like a SyFy channel show, there is no resolution and the overall story never even attempts to go past a single storyline.   23 more words

Quick Take

"Have no bones to pick with God!"© [Part I in a series of II]

From the angst of futility…

even the confines of insincerity,

thought by those to appear im-

mutable by their loudness that grows,

it is from their groans… the… 577 more words

Caught Between