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Create a Masked Background Effect With CSS

What You’ll Be Creating

Today we’re going to be stepping through a really cool technique you can use to create an effect that’s a little bit like parallax scrolling, yet doesn’t need any JavaScript; it can be achieved very simply through pure CSS. 4,203 more words


Basic Parallax Scrolling menggunakan Javascript


Parallax di web design itu seperti apa ya? Itu adalah pertanyaan pertama saya.  394 more words

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Convergence Roundup: Week 2

Convergence Roundup: Week 2

This week, the focus of the Convergence tie-ins fall squarely on the Zero Hour time period. With that in mind, many of these issues have a very 90’s feel to them, especially considering that one of the cities that Zero Hour Metropolis has to fight is the San Diego from Jim Lee’s Wildstorm universe. 1,034 more words


Covers of the Week

Covers of the week from books released on Wednesday 15th of April 2015 as picked by the Inter-comics team. If you have a cover you think is noteworthy from this week please comment or hit us up on  37 more words



I’m guessing Parallax would have looked really spiffy using Oculus Rift. I figured that’s what it was designed for. I was wrong. The developers just wanted to make a visually striking first-person maze-puzzler that didn’t suck. 820 more words

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