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"Danger in a Needle"

The feeling kicked in the moment I realized that I could get a speeding ticket.  I was going faster than I would ever drive on this road.  569 more words

"The First Time I Swore Off Drunk Jumping"

“It finally came,” I told Will, speaking of my new rig.  The canopy was literally shiny, because it was so new.  “We’ve got to jump tonight.  973 more words

“Gold Rush” (Names changed to protect the guilty)

“Keep going, keep going,” I told Alex.

He was our driver for the night.  The road was always busy for a little mining town with a population of 100 or so.  464 more words

“BASE Jumping From a Thousand Miles Away”

I had made one jump in the past month.  For me, as of late, this was far below my standard rate of jumping.  The jump had been a good one—a new object, at night—but it was static line and rather boring as far as BASE jumps go.  1,597 more words

Food Time: Best NEW Restaurants in Chicago

For this week’s “Food Time” segment, Dean Richards invites on Chicago Magazine’s Penny Pollack onto the program to discuss the best new restaurants of 2015… 10 more words

Dean Richards' Sunday Morning


Ailsa has me thinking left of center this week. Why? Well, because I went off (briefly) to the epicenter of skydiving in Ireland. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay too long but I did manage a few photos and especially like this one… pink and blue… slightly left of center!!


Sticking her head out the car window just won't be the same for this dog

This dog’s name is Sophie and she is gliding down a Hawaiian mountain.