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How Much Is Too Little - Length & Pricing Discussion

Remember the NES? Games weren’t very long on the NES, even though they were very difficult, their actual run time wasn’t very long. What made video games get longer isn’t entirely clear; it may have had something to do with RPGs rising in popularity, but eventually it became an unspoken rule that video games should last a long time, with a minimum of six hours at least. 718 more words

Hearing the “Languages of Infrastructures”: Capitalism as Public Address

What does capital sound like? Do we hear it in the grinding gears of industry? The rustling papers of bureaucracy? The idle chatter of company spokesmen? 2,167 more words



Booker T. Washington’s worldview is that Life is worth living. I agree. Life is hard but at the end of the day we are all going to die. 153 more words


Papers, "Mendeleys", "Research Gates" and "Scholars"!

Paper-writing is more or less a second nature for many of us in research. My personal paper count is not at all one that you could boast about, but it’s not bad either. 400 more words

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