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YARD/Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg Essay

My long-delayed essay on “The Intratextual Obscurity of Louis Zukofsky’s “A” has been published by YARD/The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg.


Marius, Sulla, and the Fall of the Roman Republic

Marius and Sulla are very curious figures in the late Roman Republic. History has portrayed them as being emblematic for a generation of chaos in Roman society. 4,863 more words

History Topics

Should You Boycott Traditional Journals?

(Or, Should I Stay or Should I Go?)

Is it time to boycott “traditional” scholarly publishing? Perhaps you are an academic researcher, just like me. 486 more words


Benefits from writing an autobiography

Writing an autobiography is something rarely accomplished by anyone. Interestingly the process will teach you a lot about yourself.

Writing an autobiography will:

Force you to think about events that actually changed and shaped your life. 104 more words


Preprint: "Interruptibility of Software Developers and its Prediction Using Psycho-Physiological Sensors"

We are excited that our paper “Interruptibility of Software Developers and its Prediction Using Psycho-Physiological Sensors” by Manuela Züger and Thomas Fritz was accepted for… 137 more words


I`m getting there.

I have been very stressed out lately mainly because I`m a lazy ass student and plan out my procrastination. However, last night I had a little epiphany and am now feeling much better. 113 more words