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An Introduction to String Theory

Kevin Wray – 2011


This set of notes is based on the course “Introduction to String Theory” which was taught by Prof. Kostas Skenderis in the spring of 2009 at the University of Amsterdam. 101 more words


Call for papers - special issue of the Cartographic Journal on Participatory GIS

Call for papers on a special issue on past, present and future of
Participatory GIS and Public Participation in GIS.

In the 1990s, participatory GIS (PGIS) and Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) 892 more words


Ricci Flow with Surgery on Three-Manifolds

Grisha Perelman – 2003


This is a technical paper, which is a continuation of math.DG/0211159. Here we construct Ricci flow with surgeries and verify most of the assertions, made in section 13 of that e-print; the exceptions are (1) the statement that manifolds that can collapse with local lower bound on sectional curvature are graph manifolds – this is deferred to a separate paper, since the proof has nothing to do with the Ricci flow, and (2) the claim on the lower bound for the volume of maximal horns and the smoothness of solutions from some time on, which turned out to be unjustified and, on the other hand, irrelevant for the other conclusions. 43 more words


Trans-Planckian Particles and the Quantization of Time

Gerard ‘t Hooft – 1998


Trans-Planckian particles are elementary particles accelerated such that their energies surpass the Planck value. There are several reasons to believe that trans-Planckian particles do not represent independent degrees of freedom in Hilbert space, but they are controlled by the cis-Planckian particles. 174 more words


Loop Quantum Gravity: The first twenty five years

Carlo Rovelli – 2012


This is a review paper invited by the journal “Classical and Quantum Gravity” for a “Cluster Issue” on approaches to quantum gravity. 98 more words


Cross-platform Compilers for Functional Languages

I’ve just submitted a new draft, Cross-platform Compilers for Functional Languages. Abstract:

Modern software is often designed to run on a virtual machine, such as the JVM or .NET’s CLR.

183 more words