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The Forgotten and the Fantastical

Thank you to Mother’s Milk Books for publishing two of my short stories in The Forgotten and the Fantastical, a collection of fairy tales aimed at adults. 161 more words

underwear advice (situation)

Although it was a short and beautiful train journey.
Through hills and close to an expanse of dark water.
She fell asleep. Trains induced sleep. 148 more words


JOY part 48

The next few days, I spend playing tourist in Los Angeles. I go to the Museum of Contemporary Art, downtown. Which is two really great buildings containing not so great art. 1,440 more words

First 100 Books

JOY part 47

THE JOY OF SUICIDE, serialized on http://www.first100books.com

Repeat previous paragraph on self-pity and obsession. Four days pass before I can bring myself to leave the room, again. 2,092 more words

First 100 Books

The case files of PI Pojo : The killing of Mr Heathcote

Having crossed the stage of adolescence a while ago, I don’t know when but just someday- somehow, over these past few years; I stopped reading books that were written for children in their pre- teens years or school years. 846 more words


Light of Dawn is now in Paperback!

Well! I got my final proof copy of Light of Dawn today, and it’s all in order! So keep your eyes peeled because there’s going to be a sale on the ebook version coming up soon now to celebrate! 7 more words


JOY part 46

As I was saying, Nancy’s reaction to what I told her and her insight into me was just so huge I had pretty much shelved it at the time to deal with later. 1,729 more words

First 100 Books