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Reflections on Multidirectional Touch

A post in which the blogger thinks too hard about tapping someone on the shoulder while being tapped on the shoulder.

Content note: this is a sex-free and kink-free application of the concept of… 625 more words

Asexuality Talk

~ Crafting In Progress ~ (Paper Mache) ~ Part Four

My paper mache critter was completely dry, after a few days. I probably waited extra time to allow the crafting diva (me) to come up with a different route to take for my cubs elongated looking face. 721 more words


Working On.......

Working on some rabbits for Spring. You know, Spring? What’s apparently coming after all the snow is gone. While waiting, these paper mache rabbits are being made in preparation for a class we will be offering this spring and summer. 109 more words

Life At Fernwood

Mélanie Bourlon ou l'Art du Papier mâché.

This just crossed my Ytube “recommended ” list. And boy was I taken aback. If you are into that sort of thing be sure to check the artist’s site at… 23 more words


~ Crafting In Progress ~ (Paper Mache) ~ Part Three

8.) Now is the time to get my fingers all gooey applying a homemade paste to cover my big headed lion cub. First I needed to raid the recycle bin for cardboard boxes. 382 more words


~ Crafting In Progress ~ (Paper Mache) ~ Part Two

  • 6.)  Once, the cub body parts were completely dry, I gathered the cotton material and cut it into strips about 4 inches wide. I wanted to use tee-shirt material, but couldn’t find a shirt I could cut into pieces.
  • 248 more words

Dragon Master Foundation Dragon

Hi everyone.   I thought I’d take a moment to post some exciting news.  Well, it’s exciting to me anyway.  I mentioned a while back that I was working on a “secret” project.  150 more words

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