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Paper Mache Dragonfly - More about the wings

Just a quick update with my dragon-like dragon fly project.    I finished the structure of all of my wings.   Here is one pair.  The other pair is the same.  328 more words

Papier Mache

Paper Mache

My favourite messy play!

I used to LOVE doing paper mache when I was little, it’s quite therapeutic and I remember picking the dried glue off my hands afterwards! 166 more words



PUMBA won the Dean’s Award! Hooraaay


Under Pressure

We are constantly surrounded by images of slim, fit models – models who have been styled and Photoshopped for a countless number of hours in order to make the average, everyday viewer feel inferior. 280 more words


Stoick the Vast - The Bracers

The bracers are my most favourite parts, they look so damn cool, the armor, the spikes are just…. *-*

It was ridiculously easy and fun to make too :) 169 more words


DIY Large Letters

It is so interesting what people are doing with decorative letters. Through the ages people have printed on paper, fabric and even the human body. Now it has been very popular to express our creativity with letters for all to see on the wall. 210 more words