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4 Beneficial Reasons To Outline Before Writing:

I used to be (and largely still am) a pantser. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term let me explain: In the writing world, there are two types of writers: “Plotters”, and “Pantsers” (don’t ask who came up with the terms because I honestly don’t know) 1,003 more words

The Writer's Desk: Tips, Tools & Techniques

Data Entry = Outlining A Novel. See How I Made That Leap.

I spent most of the day yesterday doing data entry for Hubby. It was interesting. Why? You might ask, would I do that? Because I type upwards of 90 wpm while he swears as he types and there’s really only so much I can take. 1,100 more words


Guest-Post: Creative Writing Process- Are you a plotter or a pantster?

There’s a debate out there on what is the best way for writers to achieve their highest creative writing. Some of us are “plotters… 980 more words

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Three Dirty Birds and the Dreaded Outline of Doom

The Dirty Birds are back with a new book! K.M.Weiland and her advice in Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success.

Zoe: So this will be an interesting book given the range of pantsing/plotting we have among us birds. 2,150 more words


The Puppet Pantser

Hello, my name is Amy and I am a Puppet Pantser.

Thanks to a delightful conversation with Janna Kaixer on her recent blog post (read it… 1,019 more words

The "Pantser" and the Snowflake

See the picture of the wigged out, frustrated, teeth gnashing, hair pulling author? That was me almost two years ago. There I sat, sick to my stomach. 1,327 more words

On Writing

A Pantser Technique: Editing as I Write

Usually when it snows here, the day warms up enough to melt it off.  We’ve been staying in the teens and twenties though, which has left snow on the ground and more is on the way.  519 more words