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SoCS - Not Knowing

I’m such an idiot. I mean, you’d think I’d think about what I might want to write before I come up with the prompts for SoCS, or at least… 296 more words


The Writing Process

  1. Before writing. Before you write, you have to be prepared. Prepare all the things you need in writing. What are the things you should do or have before you write?
  2. 384 more words
Writing Tips

Naming Characters (Part Two)

In part one, we talked about two things when naming characters. In this last part, we will talk about tips when you give names. 227 more words

Writing Tips

What I don't know

There is real traction. Spinning wheels have connected with earth, and I am off, creating awesome rooster tails of mud behind me. I am in Drive, re-writing my first draft, and it is … exciting! 317 more words

Writer Journey

Writing Styles: Freewriter and Planner

I’ve always enjoyed categorizing myself. Perhaps that sounds strange. What I mean is that I’ve always been drawn to the idea of knowing myself; of figuring out where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and how I can make them work for me. 884 more words

Jennifer L. Post

Cinco. Lima. Cinq. Tano. Viisi. Five!

Sorry, I got really tired of saying and reading “Day xx of Twisted Writers”.

Finally Friday is here!

I am not sure why I still get so excited when Fridays approach. 540 more words


Wanderings of a Pantser

Sometimes when I write, it can feel like one of Billy’s Wanderings from Family Circus. Somehow I get to the destination, but it’s not always the straightest route. 302 more words