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Pantheism and rituals.

Sat in church the low hum of chanting echo’s off the stone ceiling, the sweet smell of incense fills the air. In the zendo the monks rhythmically chant the heart sutra to the sound of wood knocking against wood. 583 more words



You’ve been let down so many times before
but you hold onto hope, you believe in more
spirit guides, by your side, you are loved by the wise… 11 more words


New Moon Intentions Review (Flower Moon) and New Goals (Strawberry Moon)

  1. Save £100 for holiday and open a savings account = We’ve saved £100! You know how we did it? Gave it to Paul’s ‘rents so we physically couldn’t spend it.
  2. 360 more words
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Living Breathing Magic

Such a gentleness that runs through your veins
you’re healing from all your old pain
forgiving, I don’t know how you are
you’re so pure, with such a loving heart… 90 more words



I am a Goddess in my own right
I bask in the sun and I rule the night
I never follow, I only lead
my soul is made of thousands of beings… 46 more words


Depression and pantheism.

Having been both a pantheist and a sufferer from depression for many years I thought I would write an article on using pantheism to help mitigate depression. 648 more words