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Why calm the storm?

Matthew (8:23-27), Mark (4:35-41), and Luke (8:22-25) all describe Jesus’ calming of a storm. Luke’s version says:

One day Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side of the lake.” So they got into a boat and set out. 561 more words


Thanks, For making me Not want to be like You!

Again I slept most of the day, my chores were done but my mom refused to get out of bed, so I made sure she had fresh water and just went about my business.  604 more words

Dog problems

As most of you are aware the 4th of July ( americas independence day) is tomorrow which means fun times and fire works!  I love watching fire works but I cant stand leaving my dogs home alone during them my one dog in-particular seems to get really stressed out an anxious and has very rapid breathing, It lasts all night and nothing seems to be working with calming him, he follows me around everywhere he even comes to the bathroom with me. 31 more words

New Blogger

Clear-That Fear (479)

Simply go-
To the language that you’ve learned and know.



Panic was one of my impulse picks.
I saw it on the shelf, grabbed it, and read it – even though I had piles of books to get through. 618 more words


That moment.

When you need to clean house last minute because you procrastinated while blaming it ON THE HEAT. Visitors at 6.30.

Lets guess how much I can clean in an hour and a half. /panic