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The Possibilities are Endless??

My shopping habits have killed my spirit and has turned into desperation. This happens a lot unfortunately. I can return 40$ tomorrow but somehow I still have 0$ left after my car payment. 152 more words

Throwing Up Problems

Yargh. Sudden wave of utter nausea, run for the loo. Nothing. Just that moment before throwing up, when the world spins, the blood rushes in your ears – your jaw starts to force itself open and you just know what will happen next. 170 more words


Principle 1: The Breath and the Body

I was scouring the web the other day and came across this great series, and I would love to share the four short videos with you.   203 more words


The 28th & 29th; Every day my breathing doesn't improve, I worry a bit more.

The 28th of February.

Just to add insult to injury, my period has returned. I only just stopped taking Provera! It is not supposed to work like this! 312 more words


Alone Time

I remember going through a really bad bout of anxiety after my mother died. It was one of the worse times in my life. I could not function, nor could I fix myself. 244 more words

A memory of bees 

I can hear things

Sometimes they are not even there.

I’m usually stressed…

My mom has this habit when travelling in a car to give an open and thorough commentary on everything. 442 more words


first day at university 

I did it. First day an uni! First lecture!

I felt very old compared to all the bright eyed bushy tailed students around me. My fear had been their judgement of me. 281 more words