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There is a clock that hangs in my living room. It is one of those fancy ones that look like an old platform clock. It works, tells time, but when we stare at that clock nowadays, we are not looking to where its hands point. 197 more words


Wait? She Did What?

Welcome back, only if you’re coming back for more. If you’re new, welcome anyways!

I said I would continue my story of how I came to be, not in the sense of birds and the bee’s, come on folks, we all know how that happens. 1,063 more words


Lost and alone…but, all in real time.

She was lost between here and there. It was easy to disappear.

The evening settled around her, next to piles of laundry. Folding towels became automatic as peeing. 383 more words

Captured Moments


Dumbo always thought he needed a magic feather for the courage to fly. We all rely on crutches to get us through our days. To help us function better, to give us the courage and the will to continue on. 403 more words

Personal Stories

Twitter Tuesday:「慌亂」#Panic 佳作選集

上周 #TwitterTuesday 的徵圖主題是「慌亂」#Panic,不過別驚慌!下面我們選出的佳作也許讓各位驚呆了,因為真的拍得很棒。也歡歡大家直接到我們的 Twitter feed 觀摩所有投稿作品。


Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear

Over the last few months Bruce and I have been hit with so many outward turmoil’s that I have found myself questioning God’s goodness. I know He speaks! 1,547 more words


Everyday anxiety attack before work 

I know I’m being stupid because it’s the same routine every morning before I have to go out, especially for work. Wake up, anxiety starts, getting ready, trying not to gag (one of my bad anxiety symptoms it’s a form of a nervous cough) eating breakfast, appetite goes (means I’ll be extra hungry later which will make my anxiety worse cause of no energy), sorting bag out, anxiety gets worse, half an hour to wait till I leave, try to distract myself which doesn’t work, leaving the house and getting in the car, breathing starts to go quick, walking into work, nervous wreck, jittery first five minutes and then I’m absolutely fine. 43 more words

Anxiety Disorder