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"Just Get Over It" - My Struggle With Anxiety

I’ve suffered from anxiety for my whole life now. It can be tough and it’s a complete inconvenience at times, but it’s something that I’ve had to learn to accept and deal with. 1,123 more words

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Antenatal (Prenatal/Perinatal) Depression. The lesser known, but equally as horrible evil.

Antenatal depression, much like clinical depression, can mean different things for different people — but it’s still considered depression, nevertheless.

Did you know that 1 in 7… 899 more words


6,5,4.1 .7

So it is very clear that intelligence and hard work have no correlation.A friend of mine just came back from finishing masters and doing one year of work.I feel cheated out of life. 116 more words



Although I am doing very well currently, I have something I am lusting after; craving you could say.

A craving so strong that I think about it almost constantly. 217 more words

Getting shit done

I’ve often written about the limits that anxiety imposes on me and how my goal is to do away with them. In the past few weeks I have been going out on my own more. 675 more words

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Running for my sanity

I was sat at my dining table with my head in my hands stressing about absolutely nothing. A million completely irrelevant and disproportional fears whizzing around my head. 604 more words

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You're Number One! Act That Way

Chronic anxiety and panic attacks can take the stuffin’ out of you and turn you into a meek and cowering victim. I know from many years’ experience with panic disorder that the condition of being constantly on alert drains one physically and psychologically. 414 more words