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Light bulb moment

Well, it’s cycle day 2 and of course the endometriosis pain is horrible and practically unbearable . I can deal with it though. I have to keep telling myself that it will only last a few days and I can make it . 317 more words

Medicating Salvation: Know Clonazepam Know Peace

Continued from No Xanax No Peace

Tuesday Night

I feel great from school pick-up until about 10:00pm when sleep should be imminent.  The switch goes on.   1,516 more words

It's in His Kiss

Becca Thorpe needed a change of pace from her life. She found a small town and was determined to make it work. She will find a routine but it will be interrupted when the man she lusted after wanted her back.

320 more words
Thoughts On Books

A sweet story and a reminder about mental illness

A touching story and a reminder that mental illness is not weird, odd or something to make fun of. Thank you to OMG Paradise for the stories. 284 more words

Not-so-daily Posts

The "Getting More Into That"

So I’d say that this is not the ideal “first post” topic for a blog, but I figured since I put in my intro that I would “get more into that later”, I should just get it out of the way now. 473 more words


Written April 15, 2015

My body craves a safety that does not exist

It tears itself apart from the inside out

To escape a threat… 57 more words


Fear And Loathing In Danbury, Connecticut

A talent agency was booking me for several weekends all over the northeast and asked if I had the Saturday before Memorial Day to fill a spot for a show. 1,002 more words