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My experience at a VA clinic

This month’s rotation has been an interesting one. I’m at an outpatient VA clinic doing my second internal medicine rotation. It’s also located about two hours from my house so I’m staying with friends who live near the clinic during the week and then driving home for the weekends. 473 more words

PA Student

April: all sorts of amazing

Did I once write that October was my favorite month? If so…that may still be the case…but April is a close second. Not that it’s really putting its best foot forward here…spring in Boston tends to be about 5 days and it always comes later than you think, leaving earlier than it should. 407 more words


MSPI Friendly Restaurants

When I was pregnant with Ryan, Alex and I were living at my MIL’s house to save money for a house of our own. Between wanting to get out just the two of us and my constant cravings we went out to dinner a lot. 592 more words

5 Places I Wish I Could Afford To Boycott

There are some places that have such bad customer service, poor quality, and awful merchandise, that it’s easy to walk away and never spend another cent there. 1,500 more words

It's The Small Things

It’s the small things that make you feel good, progress.

I was in the shower shaving my legs. (Mind you that I am still using two shower chairs, one for my bum and one for my legs) visual should not be needed. 423 more words

Hangin' With the Girl....

I wonder why it is that when the girl needs me to take her somewhere it is bonding time, but when I take her to run errands….it’s torture? 499 more words