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1600+ Pandas visit Korea

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The original 1600 pandas have toured Italy, Switzerland and many other countries. This summer, they make their 9th debut in South Korea. The panda project started in 2008 by a French artist who made 1,600 papier-mâché panda bears made to represent the 1,600 real pandas left in the world today. 158 more words


Origin of Pandaman

The other day someone, a stranger, referred to me as Pandaman. I was amused and actually flattered. I’ve always liked pandas. But the reason for calling me Pandaman was more interesting. 407 more words

Big Data in Python: out of core processing

Recently we were presented with the opportunity to explore a big dataset in the Social Finance space. The size of the dataset was substantial: an order of magnitude greater than the core memory our computers. 751 more words


Why giant pandas have trouble digesting bamboo

It’s no wonder that giant pandas are always chewing and eating, say Chinese researchers: their gut bacteria are not the type for efficiently digesting bamboo. 561 more words


ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot

When working with Python pandas you might need to import matplotlib

import matplotlib.pyplot

and when doing so you might get an error like this.

ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot… 65 more words

Pandas are best suited to eat meat, but instead they’re munching their way to extinction

The mystery of why giant pandas are forced to spend 14 hours a day eating has finally been solved — they can digest only about 17 per cent of the bamboo they swallow. 339 more words


why 'sushi by the sea'??? pandas?? asian in the usa? how does it all connect?!

as I mentioned in my previous (first) post, I am Asian.

nowadays it’s hard to be unique with screen names & such but I managed! 358 more words