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Training resources and tutorials for Python and Panda


If you’re too lazy to read the entire documentation on Python and Panda’s website, these tutorials are really good to give you a general picture of what Python and these libraries are capable of, and also introduces you to key features of these libraries. 158 more words


Got a Python Developer Internship Offer!

Hi everyone,

I’ve just received a internship offer for a Python Developer role at a financial institution starting next week, where I’ll be helping to build a data analysis platform based on Python, panda, wxpython, and matplotlib! 107 more words


Goodbye, Tonsils

With one day left until my surgery now, it’s been an interesting week. For the first time in eleven months, I’ve stopped antibiotics completely, so as not to influence the tonsil and adenoid cultures that will be performed. 642 more words


Went to the zoo

With doctor appts looking over our heads and the start of home school feeling right around the corner I wanted Amir to have new experiences this summer. 80 more words

Running Algorithms on Location Data in Python

I recommend reading this on my github account . The legit iPython notebook and data file are there. It’s much better, especially if you want to code this yourself. 1,009 more words

Data Exploration

Panda Pandemonium Gallery

It wasn’t actually pandemonium. It was more like “Peace, Love, and Pandas.” Spending four hours at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding with its peaceful atmosphere was very refreshing, especially after a long week of 9-10 hour training sessions on safety and security, health, Mandarin, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). 308 more words

Peace Corps

How to Retrieve and Analyze Your iOS Messages with Python, Pandas and NLTK

I’m one of those people that keeps every text message I send or receive — I never delete them. Meet a girl at a bar, text her the next day and never hear back from her? 774 more words