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Panama in 5 Minutes

For those of you who haven’t yet visited us in Panama, here’s a less-than-five-minute look at what to expect.

A Taste Of Panama


The International Trip - An EMBA Highlight

The 2015 Culverhouse College of Commerce Executive MBA study abroad tour took us from Panama City in the Republic of Panama and then to Bogota, Colombia, February 28-March 6. 471 more words


Land A'hoy! Sailing the Caribbean sea from Colombia to Panama

“Land A’hoy“… the words we would hear after 38 hours of sailing from Cartagena, Colombia to the San Blas Islands, Panama. Sadly ‘sailing’ was not really the right word as with only 4-8knots of wind we were motoring… for 38hours! 558 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

I am not a morning person and it’s unlikely that you’ll find me out at dawn. Once in a while though something wakes me up and then I’m glad to enjoy the early morning light, the sun rising, the birds singing, and everything that happens at the beginning of the day. 142 more words


Sartorial Manners, After a Fashion

Men dress like shit. Simple fact. Faux pragmatism weaves its way through a morass of laziness when it comes to the actual clothes a man wears day in and day out. 846 more words


Contadora Island Trip (Panama)

What’s up guys? Here’s yet another post on Panama.  This time around it’s about my trip Contadora Island.

Contadora Island is part of the Pearl Island Archipelago which is located about 40 miles off the Pacific coast of Panama in the Gulf of Panama. 857 more words


BHS Students

This photograph features students in Emma Walbaum’s class at BHS during the 1950s.

Can you identify anyone in this photograph?

If you attended BHS, did you have Emma Walbaum as a teacher? 30 more words

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