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Seeding Panama

“I’ll have so much time to read books, get better at Spanish, and write!” I thought during Pre-Service Training, before I was let loose in Panama.   985 more words


What Do You Do There?

People back in the US always ask “What do you do there with all your time”.   Well, by reading this blog you know we do so much we are happy when we just have a day with nothing to do!   373 more words


Jim "plays" on Stage

Our wonderful Boquete Community Players Theater is in it’s 10th year, and I attended the very first play back then.   Since Jim has such a great voice and stage presence, I talked him into taking the lead role in a play written by Mickey & Squirt James (a singer/songwriter couple from Nashville who lived here) called Postcards From Paradise.   263 more words


Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

It has  been quite some time since I posted to this blog…reason being we’ve been very busy with some big activities….so I’ll try to catch you up. 713 more words


Cool Stuff

If I ever became crippled or infirm, THIS is what I want for my walker…

Panama Trip, Recovery & Food Shame

After competing in my second competition and fresh off the Crossfit Open, a week of rest was a good idea.  Anyone that’s reasonably committed to their health and fitness will tell you It’s hard to relax when you’re constantly in the mindset of incorporating physical activity into your day.   301 more words


San Blas Islands, aka Sun Bliss Islands

Arriving in the San Blas Islands was much anticipated, even Sancho the boat dog was running up and down the deck in excitement for land. 1,160 more words