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Ceviche, Old Panama & Even Older Panama

There’s much to see and do in Panama City. I left -35 Celsius weather and Sorrel boots to arrive here with +35 Celsius weather and flip-flops. 552 more words



If you’ve read anything else on here (and to be honest, no one has), my deep and abiding love of David Lee Roth-era Van Halen might not be readily apparent, but they rank among the few bands that I’ve listened to consistently for the last 30 years. 163 more words


Medical Care in Panama

Traveling to another country usually involves at least thoughts of what might happen if one were to become ill or need medical care. My husband and I are healthy people – remarkably so, thanks to good genes on both sides. 909 more words

Panamanian Public School: Statistics and Observations

A Quick History

The Panamanian public education system began after the country gained independence from Columbia in 1903. Primary education has been in effect since the 1920s. 1,365 more words


Damn Blog

I knew it.  I knew like any post-new years day workout regimin, I would fail to consistently go to the gym of writing – our blog.  984 more words

Life Abroad

Military Unit

We do not have much information on this object.

Where might this photograph have been taken?

What year might this photograph have been taken?

Can you identify any of these men, or maybe what unit this is? 9 more words

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